Astro-insight: Eclipse season – best tips on how to survive it

Astro-Insight: This week eclipse season really gets into full swing and the focus is on eclipse ruler, Mercury. Having gotten all cosy with Venus on Monday, Mercury changes direction and goes retrograde on Tuesday. By Friday – Mercury is back in the arms of Jupiter. Is it time to re-think our relationships? It soon will be. Venus enters charming Libra on Tuesday and Jupiter will follow her on September 9th. It won’t be long before we will be weighing the pros and cons and assessing the benefits against the risks and costs. We surely need … Lees verder

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Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: Mijn Kijk op de Week

Zon in Maagd op maandag – en tevens ook Mercurius conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter heerst momenteel over de Zuidknoop vd Maan, Mercurius over de Noordknoop. Het is op dit moment mogelijk om verleden en heden met elkaar te verbinden – en belangrijke lessen te leren die met het verleden te maken hebben. Mars conjunct Saturnus op woensdag- kan je doen vechten voor je idealen en je eigen mening- echter, met Mars (en binnenkort ook Saturnus) vierkant Neptunus – kan loslaten goed zijn. Boogschutter kan te gehecht zijn aan gelijk hebben – Neptunus in Vissen spreekt altijd … Lees verder

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Astro-Insight: The Moon’s Nodes, Mercury, Jupiter – time to make a mission statement

Astro-Insight: Anyone who follows my ‘Liz Hathway Astrologer’ page on Facebook, will know I have been pondering the meaning of today’s Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Mercury is currently in its own sign Virgo and it rules the Moon’s North Node, representing future challenges, hope, growth, expansion. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces the current South Node ruler, and it is in Virgo. The South Node indicates lessons that need to be learned (or consciously assimilated) , obstacles to surmount, the journey that has been and skills we picked up on the way. Taking a long term … Lees verder

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Liz Hathway Astroloog: Keek op de Week

Lieve blogvolgers.. Als je doorklikt kom je alweer bij mijn derde YouTube video versie van de rubriek Keek op de Week. Houden jullie het vol? Ik hoop het. Ik ga binnenkort vraag/antwoord videos maken, dus als je een dringend vraag hebt, of met iets zit, mail mij. Daarnaast even dit: Mercurius staat niet vierkant met inconjunct met Mercurius dit weekend. Zowel de inconjunct als de vierkant zijn prikkelend en dagen uit. Echter de vierkant is wat sterker in de uitwerking. Een inconjunct is eerder een irritatie een prikkel. De astrologieblog Nederlandstalig newsletter komt deze maand … Lees verder

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Astro-Insights: Over Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse and women with balls

Astro-Insights: Some thoughts on Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse Tuesday’s lunar eclipse takes the focus slightly away from the current surplus of mutable energy and moves us towards a concentrated dose of fixed Leo/Aquarius energy. A conversation with my son about the Olympics brought home the importance of those ‘who also ran’, the sports persons who will never step up to the medals rostrum and receive the honor of a medal (gold or otherwise). For there to be a top cat (Leo) there have to be many ‘also rans’. The idea of participation, of sharing a goal … Lees verder

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Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: YouTube

Dank jullie wel voor alle feedback op de vorige video. Dit is nu mijn tweede poging. Ook wat deze tweede video betreft, is feedback welkom.

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Astro-insight: Saturn square Venus, Mars conjunct Saturn & the taming of the old codger

Astro insight: Stations are brilliant. Stations give weight and focus to a particular area of the zodiac and offer an opportunity to see that particular archetypal energy in clear focus. Saturn stations direct this week and its current sign Sagittarius is really about self-belief and principles that shape us. Saturn retrograde issued a high level challenge to our beliefs and convictions. Are we who we think and say we are? Do we talk the talk – but fail to walk the walk? The need for honesty, integrity and authenticity has never been greater. If you … Lees verder

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Weekhoroscoop op YouTube: Een eerste try-out

De eerste video … Ik sta open voor feedback… [/wpdevart_youtube]

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Astrology Insights: Venus in Virgo, bad weather for dinosaurs

Astrology Insights: In terms of planetary speed Venus is a fast mover and its transit to natal planets passes quickly. Having said that, it remains a beneficial planet and what a brilliant marketing job Venus in Leo has done for women. Venus has just recently showcased Hilary Cinton’s natal chart and watching Clinton take center stage last week, she was aglow with Leonine pride at her own achievement. On Monday Venus is trine Uranus -but the Sun is also trine Saturn. Where creativity and relationships are concerned, it’s a good day to get the ground … Lees verder

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Astrology Insights: Women on the UP – get ready to shake the house

Astrology Insights: With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in creative Leo, we should act like lions: laze around and enjoy the summer. The city has been bathed in glorious sunlight. Amsterdam is awash with tourists taking time out from busy lives. It might seem a bit strange to equate creativity with lazing around – but truly, the best ideas can emerge when the mind is relaxed. On Wednesday, Mercury trines Uranus. This is highly progressive energy and we might expect to achieve a lot in a relatively short time. Be willing to bend the mind, … Lees verder

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