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Gordon Brown’s Fate & the Labour Party

Part I: When Tony Blair become Prime Minister in 1997, Jupiter was in Aquarius. This just happens to be the same sign as the Moon and Mars in the horoscope for the British Labour Party (27 February 1900, 12.00 London). Tony Blair’s message was distinctly Jupiterian. “Things are going to get better” he said. And the Party was eager and willing to believe him. Horoscope of the Labour Party. Once again Jupiter is in Aquarius but now cheery Blair has been replaced by dour faced Gordon Brown. It has to be said, Gordon Brown’s features lend themselves easier towards Shakespearean tragedy or farce than towards … Lees verder

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Liz Hathway Astrologer: How might Jupiter’s station & Mars out of bounds, influence the UK election? Can Jeremy Corbyn swing it?

I have previously looked at Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscope  and at the horoscope for the moment he was elected leader of the Labour Party. If you are reading this on Facebook – then both these articles are available, in English, on my blog: www.astrologieblog.nl (just search under Corbyn). My blog is bilingual.  But in the shadow of this general election, it is certainly worthwhile revisiting Corbyn’s birth chart. As with May, time of birth in unknown so a sun rising chart has been used. So… What strikes me now ? The position of Mars. Corbyn has Mars in … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Mercury trine Pluto – the power of words and symbols

With five planets (Sun, Venus, Mars, Chiron, Uranus) in the last decan of their sign – it is hard to escape the idea of incentive to move. It’s like when you start to get fed up – and your eye starts to wander and take in other things. Movement hangs in the air this week – not quick and sudden – but controlled.  As the week begins Mercury slows down and stations. Mercury trines Pluto on Wednesday, goes direct on Thursday, before trining Pluto again on Friday. The first Mercury/Pluto trine was on August 11th … Lees verder

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Astro-Insights: Over Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse and women with balls

Astro-Insights: Some thoughts on Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse Tuesday’s lunar eclipse takes the focus slightly away from the current surplus of mutable energy and moves us towards a concentrated dose of fixed Leo/Aquarius energy. A conversation with my son about the Olympics brought home the importance of those ‘who also ran’, the sports persons who will never step up to the medals rostrum and receive the honor of a medal (gold or otherwise). For there to be a top cat (Leo) there have to be many ‘also rans’. The idea of participation, of sharing a goal … Lees verder

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Jeremy Corbyn Election Horoscope

As I write… I can hear Jeremy Corbyn giving his vision for the UK. Nice. I like this way of talking. Here is the horoscope for the offical announcement. Corbyn won in the first round with 59.5% of the vote. However, the BBC let it be known at 11.23 that a reporter there had been told that Corbyn had won in the first round.  Therefore the announcement was more a confirmation of what was already known. I was hoping the confirmation would come with the midheaven in Virgo. As it stands,  the MC is in … Lees verder

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Why Corbijn is Right

Why Corbijn is Right: Times have been hard in Old Blighty of late. The transit of Pluto across the radix Sun in the UK horoscope was never going to be easy, but austerity, and the ideology of the Big Society, never convinced me there would ever be a fair deal for those at the bottom of the pile. Britain doesn’t work that way… Capricorn Sun is attached to hiearchies… The great French mundane astrologer, Andre Barbault, argued that it was the cyle of Saturn/Neptune that particularly related to the advancement of Marxist and socialist ideals … Lees verder

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Astrologie.blogo jaaroverzicht 2010

  Dit is het laatste deel van de Astrologie.blogo jaaroverzicht 2010: september In september – was men bezig met de rechtse coalitie. Maar… Rutte en de Uranus/Pluto generatie, Weten ze hoe het hoort? Op 9/11 sprak  Geert Wilders in New York,  en de Paus bezocht de UK. Na een ontploffing in een mine in Chile in augustus – dit stukje over Saturnus/Pluto en hun redding. Oh.. En Ed en niet David Milliband wordt de nieuwe leider van de ‘UK Labour Party’. Astrologie.blogo jaaroverzicht 2010: oktober In de UK, worden de Druïden als een bonafide godsdient erkend. Op 13 … Lees verder

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The Miliband Brothers: Politics of Power

On Monday Sept 27th at approx. 16.06, the candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party were told in private who had won the nomination. In the meantime on the conference floor, many political commentators still speculated that David Miliband – the fore runner from the outset of the competition, would win. Finally at 16.52  the cat was let out of the bag. Not David, but younger brother Ed was the winner by a hair’s breadth. Such a defeat at the hands of a brother is the stuff that tragedies are made of. See here: ” ‘That a brother should … Lees verder

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The UK Election Horoscope Special…

This morning at 07.00 BST (British Summer Time) the poling booths opened in the UK and by tomorrow morning the British public should know what the new political landscape looks like. But will they?? The Labour Party has just completed a historic  three terms in office. However the elections held over the last 100 years show a clear pattern: after 3 terms in Government, the British public is ready to pass the gauntlet to the other side.  It is also clear that Gordon Brown is  not a gifted enough politician to reverse this collective trend. … Lees verder

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Mercury Retrograde – UK identity fraud

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for the Labour Party since Gordon Brown took over. I think that Gordon Brown messed up his chances of ever being elected Prime Minister by failing to call a general election in November. Now his chances of becoming top dog just pale by the hour. At present the UK is smitten with an acute dose of collective paranoia. Why?

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