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Liz Hathway Astrologer: How might Jupiter’s station & Mars out of bounds, influence the UK election? Can Jeremy Corbyn swing it?

I have previously looked at Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscope  and at the horoscope for the moment he was elected leader of the Labour Party. If you are reading this on Facebook – then both these articles are available, in English, on my blog: (just search under Corbyn). My blog is bilingual.  But in the shadow of this general election, it is certainly worthwhile revisiting Corbyn’s birth chart. As with May, time of birth in unknown so a sun rising chart has been used. So… What strikes me now ? The position of Mars. Corbyn has Mars in … Lees verder

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Liz Hathway Astrology: The real reason Theresa May missed the tv leaders’ debate

On June 8th, a ‘snap’ general election will take place in the UK. Snap – because the election should have taken place in 2020, but was called early. Theresa May’s slogan for the election campaign is ‘strong and stable leadership’ – so in this introductory article on the UK election, I will answer the followings questions “does the horoscope of Theresa May suggest she is a strong and stable leader’ ? Why did May refuse to take part in last night’s leaders’ debate? and last but not least, would her election bode well for UK … Lees verder

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Re-visiting astrological symbols: The Spider

Re-visiting astrological symbols: The Spider Like words, symbols have the power to move, though in the case of the latter, the movement is embodied rather than cerebral. An image can hit the gut and literally turn the stomach or it can create a feeling of joy or reverence. Symbols are embodied and yet they are not. Currently, I am exploring symbols of the feminine for a workshop on the divine goddess in Amsterdam. One of the things my colleagues and I we will be doing, is opening up the concept of the feminine in astrology … Lees verder

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Liz Hathway: 2017 is a pit stop, a year of transition

2016 was the year when confusion reigned supreme ! Saturn’s squares to  Neptune formed the portal to a new era of post-truth and objective facts faded into insignificance in the light of appeals to emotion and personal belief.  Stars, not those that glitter and twinkle in the firmament of heaven, dropped like flies. Beginning with Bowie and ending with George Michael these deaths served to remind us that the world really is a stage and we all have our entrance and our exit. Now here we stand on a precipice, or so it seems: welcome … Lees verder

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Astrology insight: Clinton vs Trump and Beyond

Astrology insight: Clinton vs Trump and Beyond It is sound mundane astrological advice to place the horoscope of a nation a notch higher than the horoscopes of individuals who only grace the world stage for a short while.  The general vibe in the collective is expressed by the mundane transits – and the horoscope of the country indicates how the horoscope is responding to these trends. Meanwhile the secondary progressed horoscope of the country indicates the country’s evolution and its developing needs. If we take the Obama campaign in 2008 as an example. On election … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Mars, Chiron, Uranus – have courage and take risks

Astro-insight: Today, Monday 24 October, as Mercury planet of short journeys changes sign, the break up of the migrant camp in Calais – better known as ‘the Jungle’ begins. The first buses have recently left for Burgundy and the process of registering the poor souls who live here continues. The ‘Jungle’ has been a painful issue for Britain and France for a number of years, often dominating the headlines with stories of sexual exploitation, people trafficking and general concern (finally translated in action) for the unaccompanied children living there. The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Mars conjunct Pluto signals repressed or pent up energy

On Tuesday Venus moves into Sagittarius and changes the general vibe of the Sun’s end sprint through Libra. Sagittarius is an energetic moveable sign with an uplifting feel to it. Okay. Okay. I spotted Saturn too. Here come’s little Red Riding where’s the wolf? So, this feels rather like ‘enjoy the fun while it lasts, because there are some restrictions and serious obstacles ahead.’ An image of a flapper spontaneously sprang to mind and the roaring twenties, those fabulously heady days of excess and indulgence – followed by pain, depression and austerity. Seriously though… … Lees verder

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Stephen King’s ‘IT’: Saturn, Neptune and the resurrection of Pennywise

Stephen King’s IT: Saturn, Neptune and the Resurrection of Pennywise An unprecedented wave of “creepy clowns” is currently sweeping parts of the globe. What appears to have started in August 2016 in South Carolina, has since spread to the UK and more recently, sightings of scary clown figures have also been reported in the Netherlands. This spate of ‘clowning’ seems to coincide with the news that Stephen King’s supernatural novel IT, published on 15 Sept. 1986 and filmed as a mini-series in 1990 (Nov. 18, 1990 first episode screened) is due to be released as … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Sun opposite Uranus – time to throw the baby out with the bath water ?

Astro-insight: 11 October – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra; Mars sextile Neptune Early this morning I watched the second Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and thought the unwillingness of both candidates to shake each others hand at the start of the debate set the tone. If you think about it, shaking hands is a Libran act: my hand meets your hand, somewhere there in the middle, like the fulcrum of a weighing scale. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra should be sending out a strong positive message, yet I fear this conjunction is … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Libra versus Capricorn – whose side are You on?

Astro-insight: Libra versus Capricorn A flurry of activity leads in the weekend to the planets chosing allegiance. At the start of the week, Jupiter trails behind the Sun. Libra stresses the positive virtues of balance, good judgement, temperance and the dangers of uncertainty and its bedfellow, oscillation. While Libra can struggle to make up its mind, once decided, Libra can be awesome in its fidelity. As the week progresses, we will be granted ample opportunity to test our resolve in a certain area or areas. Mars in Capricorn is indicative of hard work and the … Lees verder

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