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Liz Hathway Astrology: The real reason Theresa May missed the tv leaders’ debate

On June 8th, a ‘snap’ general election will take place in the UK. Snap – because the election should have taken place in 2020, but was called early. Theresa May’s slogan for the election campaign is ‘strong and stable leadership’ – so in this introductory article on the UK election, I will answer the followings questions “does the horoscope of Theresa May suggest she is a strong and stable leader’ ? Why did May refuse to take part in last night’s leaders’ debate? and last but not least, would her election bode well for UK … Lees verder

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Astrologie: Madeleine McCann

Vandaag 10 jaar geleden verdween Madeleine McCann. Dit is een post van bijna 10 jaar geleden – eerst gepost op 9 september 2007. Wij zijn toeschouwers in wat hoogstwaarschinlijk een van de grootste mysteries van de 21 eeuw gaat worden. Wat is er op de avond van 3 mei 2007 met Madeline McCann gebeurd?? Hoe kan een meisje – zo maar spoorloos -van de aardebol verdwijnen? Dit verhaal grijpt mij naar de keel. De horoscoop die je ziet is voor het moment dat Kate McCann terug naar haar appartment gaat om te kijken naar haar drie kinderen : 3 mei 2007, om 22:00 … Lees verder

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Astrology: Dear Donald Tusk… A letter from Theresa May

Dear Donald Tusk… A letter from Theresa May This week, the letter has made a bit of a come back. Let’s face it, even with a digital signature, an email to Donald Tusk from Theresa May would have been unthinkable. Letters fall under the natural rulership of Mercury – and at the time of signing in Westminster, Mercury was exactly on the ninth house cusp – which is the ideal position for a letter addressed to a foreign diplomat. Mercury is trine Saturn – UK’s ruling planet – and has just separated from Uranus – … Lees verder

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Liz Hathway: 2017 is a pit stop, a year of transition

2016 was the year when confusion reigned supreme ! Saturn’s squares to  Neptune formed the portal to a new era of post-truth and objective facts faded into insignificance in the light of appeals to emotion and personal belief.  Stars, not those that glitter and twinkle in the firmament of heaven, dropped like flies. Beginning with Bowie and ending with George Michael these deaths served to remind us that the world really is a stage and we all have our entrance and our exit. Now here we stand on a precipice, or so it seems: welcome … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Libra versus Capricorn – whose side are You on?

Astro-insight: Libra versus Capricorn A flurry of activity leads in the weekend to the planets chosing allegiance. At the start of the week, Jupiter trails behind the Sun. Libra stresses the positive virtues of balance, good judgement, temperance and the dangers of uncertainty and its bedfellow, oscillation. While Libra can struggle to make up its mind, once decided, Libra can be awesome in its fidelity. As the week progresses, we will be granted ample opportunity to test our resolve in a certain area or areas. Mars in Capricorn is indicative of hard work and the … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Pluto stations…Clinton vs Trump.. let the slugfest begin

Astro-insight: Pluto stations The stations of Pluto are pretty phenomenal – though pretty might be the wrong word. The station of Pluto on September 24th, 2015 for example, saw the dreadful stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca in which 717 people  were trampled to death. Pluto’s stations bring moments of intensification in every sense of the word: risk, death – either symbolic or actual, power, collective forces, mass group initiatives, psychology, the dark collective, etc. conspire and combine. This is transformation Pluto style. So… The quality of the time is changed for the duration … Lees verder

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Astrology Think-tank: Brexit, Farage and the 1999 Grand Cross Eclipse

Astrology Think-tank: Brexit, Farage, and the 1999 Grand Cross Eclipse The deal it seems is done and I for one am in shock. Brexit hangover. It hurts. A time to look back and reflect. The first person I want to pick up on is Nigel Farage. Farage actually entered the political arena in June 1999 through a seat in the European Parliament. This is a link to his maiden speech in which he clearly states his political aim is to take Britain out of the EU.  Many astrologers will remember the August 1999 grand cross … Lees verder

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Astrology Think Tank: UK EU Referendum Part III

Astrology Think Tank: One of the aims of an astrology think tank is to use astrological knowledge of horoscopes and cycles to influence the course of action. I opened this three part series on the EU referendum by questioning David Cameron’s wisdom in calling it under a mutable cross. I suggested that Cameron should have waited for Jupiter to enter his own sign Libra and for the positive planetary reception between Jupiter and Saturn to establish itself. This is sound astrological advice. In the second part I looked at important degree areas and considered a … Lees verder

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Astrology Think Tank: Britain and EU Referendum Part II

This second post on Europe, will look at the importance of degree areas in relation to the UK and Europe. I will sketch an astrological picture of our history with the EU and based on my astrological findings, I hope to draw the right conclusion as to how the vote will go. In the previous article I discussed the rarity of the current mutable t-square (the last one was in 0545). I argued that Saturn’s natal 11th house position in the UK horoscope is related to the Commonwealth and Britain’s colonial past, but suggested that … Lees verder

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Astrology Think Tank: Britain and the EU

Astrology Think Tank: Britain and the EU – Part One On June 23rd 2016 the British people will be asked to vote on whether or not they want to remain a member of the European Union.  As an astrologer, I question David Cameron’s wisdom in electing to hold a referendum in June. I would have advised him to wait. On September 9th, Jupiter enters Libra and embarks on a year long planetary reception with Saturn which has the potential to create strong, positive working relationships. Jupiter represents the larger whole, legal issues, foreign affairs, collective … Lees verder

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