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Astrology Think Tank: Britain and the EU

Astrology Think Tank: Britain and the EU – Part One On June 23rd 2016 the British people will be asked to vote on whether or not they want to remain a member of the European Union.  As an astrologer, I question David Cameron’s wisdom in electing to hold a referendum in June. I would have advised him to wait. On September 9th, Jupiter enters Libra and embarks on a year long planetary reception with Saturn which has the potential to create strong, positive working relationships. Jupiter represents the larger whole, legal issues, foreign affairs, collective … Lees verder

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Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention Astrologically, I have been following Julian Assange for quite some years. These are links to previous posts I have written about his plight:  Julian Assange: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness; & Julian Assange Arrested. In both these posts I was taking 12.00 pm as the birth time – as there was doubt about the actual time of birth. Since then two times have surfaced for Julian Assange. There is the 15.00 source, Sy Scholfield,  “The Unauthorised Biography (Melbourne: Text, 2011), p. 32: “Back in … Lees verder

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Well the name might be wrong, but the look certainly isn’t. It’s sexy (run your finger over this), slim-line and pretty powerful too. The iPhone looks set to jump to the top of the 2007 “must have” list. So what about the astrology? Apple: April 1 1976, 00.00. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of The full article ‘Apple iPhone astrology’  first appeared in astrologieblog on January 11th, 2007. A lot has happened to Apple since then – including the loss of front man, Steve Jobs. So later this week I will be doing an update on the Apple … Lees verder

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Why Corbijn is Right

Why Corbijn is Right: Times have been hard in Old Blighty of late. The transit of Pluto across the radix Sun in the UK horoscope was never going to be easy, but austerity, and the ideology of the Big Society, never convinced me there would ever be a fair deal for those at the bottom of the pile. Britain doesn’t work that way… Capricorn Sun is attached to hiearchies… The great French mundane astrologer, Andre Barbault, argued that it was the cyle of Saturn/Neptune that particularly related to the advancement of Marxist and socialist ideals … Lees verder

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9/11: De horoscoop die de wereld veranderde

In het moderne geschiedenis, wordt er een duidelijke scheidingslijn getrokken tussen, voor en na 9/11. Mij leek het interessant om tien jaar na dato de horoscoop voor het moment dat het eerste vliegtuig zich in de North Tower boorde opnieuw te bekijken. De horoscoop van 9/11 is fascinerend van wegens de impact dat deze gebeurtenis heeft gehad. Hoe kun je een horoscoop van deze betekenis duiden ? Horoscoop Twin Towers (click to enlarge image) Door de jaren heen, heb ik meerdere keren na deze horoscoop gekeken – hopend op dat ene bepalende inzicht waardoor alles … Lees verder

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Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: Jupiter in Maagd, draai de dobbelstenen

Astrologieblog weekhoroscoop: Na een jaar verblijf in grandiose Leeuw is Jupiter klaar om te vertrekken. Morgen, 10 augustus om 13.11 (Nederlandse tijd) neemt Jupiter plaats in het bescheiden aarde teken Maagd. Indien Jupiter als de grote geluksbrenger gezien wordt, dan kan dit goed nieuws betekenen voor de aarde en water tekens: in de loop van het komende jaar staat Jupiter driehoek op Stier en Steenbok, sextiel met Kreeft en Schorpioen en in oppositie met Vissen, waar Neptunus nog altijd de beest uithangt. Jupiter gedraagt zich een beetje als het rad van fortuin: het zou een … Lees verder

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The Earth Rising Horoscope: Christmas Eve 1968

image Nasa website The time, mid-morning, the date, Christmas Eve 1968 – the location space. “As the spacecraft Apollo 8 emerged from the far side on its fourth orbit (around the Moon) crew commander Frank Borman rolled the spacecraft so as to position its antennas for radio contact with mission control. Looking to the lunar horizon for reference he exclaimed – “Oh my God, look at that picture over there! Here’s the Earth coming up!”…. This was the first time any human being had ever seen the earth objectively, seen it as a glorious heavenly body. Suddenly we knew … Lees verder

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Nelson Mandela: Mercury square Neptune, Long Walk to Freedom

Mercury went into Sagittarius on Friday – some hours later, Nelson Mandela surrendered his spirit. It feels good and fitting that Mercurius is in Sagittarius, because this is the sign of philosophers, freedom fighters, visionaries and it is a sign that loves to travel. Yesterday, Mandela’s message just took off again, launched into an eternal journey, which will spark fires of inspiration in generations present and future, like the arrow from the bow of the centaur, it moves off on its way. The synchronicity at work in astrology can be astounding. Yesterday, under the approaching … Lees verder

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The Long Stay of Mars in Libra

One of the more interesting articles in the Astrological Association’s book “An Astrological Anthology” must be Dane Rudhyar’s piece on the long stay of Mars in a particular sign. This recurring 79 year cycle is divided into two periods of 32 and 47 years, so at these intervals we are able to observe the influence of Mars in a particular sign over a longer time span.  The important criteria is that Mars must remain, throughout the whole period, in one sign and not retrograde back into the previous sign. Mars’ last long time stay in … Lees verder

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Mercurius en Pluto: Bilderbergconferentie, PRISM en oude heren

Mercurius in oppositie met Pluto laat zich duidelijk voelen. Watford, UK: Deze week komt de uiterst geheimzinnig Bilderberg groep bij elkaar. Deze groep bestaat uit de meest invloedrijke mensen in de wereld, maar wordt echt bekend wegens het gesloten karakter van de bijeenkomsten. De deelnemers arriveren in auto’s met zwart getinte ramen, een duidelijk verwijzing naar Mercurius (vervoer) / Pluto (onzichtbaarheid)- en het gebied wordt door de politie hermetisch afgesloten, (Saturnus). De naam verwijst naar de plaats Bilderberg in Nederland, waar de eerste bijeenkomst op 29 mei 1954 werd gehouden. De Bilderberg horoscoop is voor … Lees verder

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