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Horoscope: David Cameron, Nick Clegg, a cardinal coalition

Yesterday I listened with some sense of sadness and nostalgia as Gordon Brown announced his resignation (11 May, 2010, 19.20 BST). Almost a year ago I wrote about Gordon Brown:  “One now clearly feels the heavy hand of fate/ Saturn upon him. Having himself orchestrated Tony Blair’s fall, Gordon Brown finds himself waiting for his very own Brutus to politically finish him off.” His very own Brutus it seems came in the  form of Nick Clegg.  After five days of political shenanigans – the UK finally has a new Government – a Government which is … Lees verder

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Saturn/Uranus – A higher order of transits…

In a previous article – I called the British Election a peculiar Saturn/Uranus affair.  This is because the election is taking place under a Saturn/Uranus opposition AND David Cameron (Conservative) and Gordon Brown (Labour) are both born under hard aspects to Saturn/Uranus. As above so below – there is no escaping it. Enter Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) the “King Maker” as he is currently referred to in the UK. Strange how Nick Clegg whose party has just 57 seats – has the ability to make or break the dreams of both the other men.  A look at Nick Clegg’s … Lees verder

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Invoking Venus: Instructions for making a Venus talisman

Elections are horoscopes drawn up for specific enterprises, like for example starting a business, signing a contract, arranging a wedding. But electionary astrology can also be used for the making of talismans, amulets, for healings, and for the charging of crystals, etc. etc. The first talisman I ever made using electionary astrology, was in 1998, when Jupiter was in Pisces. This was a simple tin (Jupiter metal) affair – but I believe it is a powerful little talisman. The talisman I will be working on today, is for a Venus. I will be working on … Lees verder

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Jupiter conjunct Uranus…Aries Point

On June 8th, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct on the Aries Point. The Aries Point – which incidentally does not only include O degrees Aries but also O degrees of all the Cardinal signs (and the 8th harmonic aspects to it: i.e. 15 degrees of the fixed signs) is a hugely powerful degree area, that  the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus falls on this point – promises to bring some interesting developments within the collective. The English astrologer, Charles Harvey, called this particular axis – “The Axis of the World” – because it reflects where we come … Lees verder

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Gordon Brown/ David Cameron – the peculiar Saturn/Uranus election

Britain is gearing up for a General Election. Though a date has not been set – it has to take place before June 3. At the time of the election Saturn will be opposing Uranus (yet again) accross the mutable Virgo (Saturn) Pisces (Uranus) axis.. The candidates – predictably – reflect this oppositon, on the one side we have old stalwart Gordon Brown (59) on the other, the relative green shoot  David Cameron (44).  For those of you who know nothing at all about British politics, Cameron (Uranus?) is a conservative, Brown (Saturn?) labour. We can pick … Lees verder

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Collaboration Microsoft/Yahoo – A Jupiter/Mercury deal?

It’s good to keep a keen eye on the sky when important business deals take place.  Take for example the recently announced collaboration between Microsoft and Yahoo. The two have got together to a) grab a larger share of web generated marketing monies, and b) to thwart Google’s attempt to chip away at Microsoft’s core business of providing software for cheap computers.  So, does the horoscope show a good deal of succes? The chart is set for the time the information was posted on the Yahoo website – July 29th, 17.50 ET. Since one of the reporters was in Washington…I … Lees verder

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