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Astro-Insights: Over Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse and women with balls

Astro-Insights: Some thoughts on Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse Tuesday’s lunar eclipse takes the focus slightly away from the current surplus of mutable energy and moves us towards a concentrated dose of fixed Leo/Aquarius energy. A conversation with my son about the Olympics brought home the importance of those ‘who also ran’, the sports persons who will never step up to the medals rostrum and receive the honor of a medal (gold or otherwise). For there to be a top cat (Leo) there have to be many ‘also rans’. The idea of participation, of sharing a goal … Lees verder

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Astro-insights: Saturn square Neptune, red herring season starts now

Astrological Insight : In the last days pleasurable activity and group identity have been tainted by violence. I am thinking of the dreadful events at Euro 2016 and the attack on the LBGT community in Orlando. Mercury opposite Mars always had the potential to be tricky… last week I spoke of ‘words as weapons’ unfortunately though words no doubt moved to action – the physical (Taurus) violence (Scorpio) was all too real. I am once again reminded of the importance of the stations of the outer planets. While Neptune’s station yesterday, left the collective focusing … Lees verder

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Astrological Insight: This week’s grand earth trine & Mars retrograde station

Astrological Insight: Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde Station Welcome… in the week that Mars stops dead in its tracks. This week Mars truly does grind to a halt and certain areas of the zodiac will feel this. Mars is a planet of force or drive, it can fire our ambition, our loins, our adrenaline, making us bold & ‘go get’, passionate and sexual, or stirring us to fight our corner. Again, some area of the birth chart (where is Mars transiting in your horoscope right now and what houses does it rule ??) will … Lees verder

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Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: Over Zon vierkant Uranus en kiezen voor jezelf

Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: De Zon/Pluto oppositie was sterk in beeld afgelopen weekend en heeft zich o.a. aan de tennisbaan (Wimbledon finales) en in de WK voetbal laten voelen. Het gepassioneerde, collectieve oer-geluid van de voetbal supporters voelt dreigend, machtig maar ook gevaarlijk maar deze week komt er vernieuwende energie om de hoek kijken. Astrologieblog Weekhoroscoop: Aan het begin van deze week staat Uranus in harmonieuze verbinding met Venus in Tweeling. Venus heeft o.a. met passie, aantrekkingskracht, relaties, creativiteit, en cultuur te maken. Zo’n harmonieuze verbinding straalt ‘vrijheid is blijheid’ uit. Samen, sociaal, leuke dingen doen. Echter, … Lees verder

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Laura Dekker: Te zeil of niet te zeil, dat is de vraag?

  In maandag’s vooruit blik op deze week schreef ik over boosheid, miscommunicatie, en het psychologische spel van Pluto. Mars (fysieke inspanning) in Kreeft (die de emoties doet aanzwellen) botst met Pluto (macht) in Steenbok (strenge wetgeving) en dat allemaal haaks op Mercurius in Weegschaal (een weloverwogen beslissing). Wie denkt dat de rechter morgen in het voordeel van Laura Dekker zal beslissen, zal zich moeten bedenken. Laura Dekker is geboren in 1995 – een geboorte datum heb ik niet kunnen vinden. Wat vast staat is dat ze Jupiter in de reislustige, grensverleggende Boogschutter heeft staan. Neptunus … Lees verder

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Edward (Ted) Kennedy

Ted Kennedy’s appearance at the Democratic Conference last year was followed by a standing ovation. The news was already out that Ted Kennedy was suffering from terminal cancer and at the time he said that he hoped to live long enough to see Barak Obama elected. Ted Kennedy looked very vulnerable on that occasion and I wondered if he would make it. He did.  Ted Kennedy was the only male of the Kennedy family to die a natural death. He passed away yesterday. Kennedy seems to come from a family that is cursed.  I highly recommend this excellent … Lees verder

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