Invoking Venus: Instructions for making a Venus talisman


Elections are horoscopes drawn up for specific enterprises, like for example starting a business, signing a contract, arranging a wedding. But electionary astrology can also be used for the making of talismans, amulets, for healings, and for the charging of crystals, etc. etc. The first talisman I ever made using electionary astrology, was in 1998, when Jupiter was in Pisces. This was a simple tin (Jupiter metal) affair – but I believe it is a powerful little talisman. The talisman I will be working on today, is for a Venus. I will be working on a single rose quartz crystal – which I will give as a gift of love and healing to my beautiful daughter. It is important when creating a talisman to create the right atmosphere. Inner quiet  and the right Venus attributes are important for invoking the right energy. Apples, honey, sweet cakes, white rice, rose petals, objects made of copper (I have a large copper bowl – this will hold my rose petals and apples), a female image if you have one, will be placed on a large white linnen cloth (but a soft coloured cotton cloth will be fine). Use sweet smelling oil or incense: think rose, lavender, cinammon. If you are working indoors – then soft music will also help invoke the right atmosphere. I will be making mine outside.

Focus is very important from start to finish. What do you want to achieve? Cleanse your mind. I usually begin by making a circle of salt – large enough to comfortably work within. I remain within the circle from start to finish. I like to place small bowls of clear water at four equidistant points in the circle. This to focus on purity of spirit. I then arrange the attributes – in a focussed way – in anticipation of the climax – this will be when you make your invocation. This is when Venus and (the Moon) cross the midheaven – and are culminating in AMSTERDAM from 15.08-15.12 in the afternoon if working on Friday 16th of April. If you are working on Thursday 15th of April, then this will be from 15.07 til 15.11. The invocation itself is extremely important – and for Venus should include some mantra of love. Hold the crystal close to your heart – and focus on invoking and pulling down the energy healing energy of the cosmos, into the crystal – which you are reinforcing with the words you are expressing. The whole ritual will probably take around 30 minutes at most. When you have finished – remain still and focussed until you feel ready to stop. I then sweep the salt away – and move out of the circle.

If you are working tomorrow – first wash your crystal – and then charge it up, by placing it in direct sunlight. Clear crystals are best loaded in the sun. Other non-clear stones should be charged and cleansed by burial  in the garden – where they should be left for a  full cycle. of the moon. Then they can be dug up, washed and re-used. Good luck with your talisman.

If you would like to create a talisman for a specific purpose – feel free to contact me.

Elizabeth Hathway, DFAstrolS, QHP

Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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