Euro Crisis: Will the euro survive? Nostradamus, Pluto and the search for the hidden euro’s

The Euro was introduced to world markets as an accounting currency on January 1st 1999.  This is a significant year, because in August 1999, Europe was the stage for the Grand Cross Eclipse which Nostradamus had written about in the 16th Century. This powerful eclipse (Saturn in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio, Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius) was the first to be visible across Europe since the 1920’s. In an article I wrote at the time, published in the journal of the Astrological Association (under published articles), I noted the significance of the introduction of the Euro – though looking back – clearly the eclipse had much more to say about the future of the currency itself.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the Euro will not save the Euro-zone from the financial meltdown, which is spreading from the US accross the rest of Europe. Can the Euro survive? As things stand the richer European economies (with Germany at the fore) are having to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets to support the failing economies such as Greece. Meanwhile pressure from within the individual states is mounting, in the wake of proposed cut backs on social spending. There are two horoscopes we can look at for the Euro. The first is its introduction in 1999 as a banking currency, the second is for its introduction as the official currency in the 11 countries that initially adopted it.  This two part series, will begin by looking at the second chart. The Euro replaced the local currencies on January 1st 2002 at 00.00. The location for this horoscope is Brussels, which is the seat of our European democracy.

eurointroducedDuring the first few years of the Euro’s life, progressed Venus was in aspect with the Sun. Venus is a great protector and many in Europe felt that the Euro was the dream coinage and many of the new members couldn’t wait to join the party. Venus  – even when in Capricorn – is very attractive. The Moon here has just left her own sign Cancer behind her – this is a wonderful symbol of the way in which each country had to surrender part of its autonomy and national identity. The Moon (the people, in general and perhaps the individual identities of the joining countries) in Leo loses much of its essential dignity, and is no longer its own ruler. The Moon in Leo comes under the sway of the Sun in Capricorn – an appropriate symbol for a center of power and influence. This could be Brussels itself as the center of European decision making.

Saturn rules the Sun – and Saturn is both retrograde and in Gemini. The Sun’s (de facto capital -Brussels) authority and influence is based on general consensus among the family of members. There are many personalities involved here, and is some ways Europe is perhaps a slightly mad idea.  Europe initially came together to assist trading and business, financial unity was a spin off.  Trading falls under the sway of Mercury/Jupiter. But, while the Capricorn Sun is looking for stability –  it is heavily dependent on Mercury in Capricorn. Somehow from the inside, Europe looks a bit like a closed circuit as decisions are referred back to Brussels. This has always irritated many people as it affects autonomy. Saturn retrograde has its hands tied somewhat.

From the time it was introduced, in the Netherlands (which is where I am based) the ordinary people saw the value of their money drop. Though officially a Euro was equivalent to two old guilders, in practice, the old guilder price very often became the new Euro price. Almost overnight prices doubled – while incomes did not follow suit. This is the reason that many people look back lovingly to the good old days of the guilder, when money had value (the Moon in Cancer is a damn hard act to follow). Clearly  many ordinary people would be quite happy to see the Euro disappear. With the progressed Moon now in Scorpio – and unpopular spending cuts on the way – the Euro will quite likely come further under attack.

So does this horoscope suggest the decline of the Euro? Take a look at the position of the Sun. All horoscopes with the date: 1 January – will as of 2011, find that they have Pluto transiting over the Sun. Pluto transits to the radix Sun can be pretty traumatic to say the least. Remember Idi Amin and Uganda, remember the fall of the old Soviet Union? Just to give you some slight idea of the type of breakdown a Pluto transit can bring. Anything that is not functioning, that is corrupt, that is clearly past its sell by date, has to accept the inevitability of transformation. Things are forced into the light.

Throughout 2011, spending power is likely to fall, as Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house, squares radix Sun and Jupiter. The 7th house relates to partnerships and could translate as more of the poorer member countries making financial demands. However, the harder blows will come from the square to radix Sun and Jupiter from Uranus, which falls together with the transit of Pluto over the Sun.   A real and true evaluation of the Euro will take place from end 2012 and throughout 2013. Huge strains will be put on the currency and member nations will be forced to search out the where people are hiding their Euro’s. Big brother is watching YOU!! Where is the money? Those who are rich – but not paying proper taxes – had better look out.  The search for hidden money – the illegal “hidden” economy will be brought exposed. And this is just one of the ways that Pluto will revert to, in order to cleanse the weakened system.

The good news is, however, that a progressed new moon will take place in August 2014 and this new moon is conjunct with Venus. Is this of itself sufficient indication that the euro will survive? The second part of this article will explore the January 1st 1999 horoscope. Keep an eye on this space….

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Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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