The World Cup Final: Why Sunday’s Solar Eclipse favours the Dutch team

 Holland have made it to the World Cup Final. In Amsterdam the last car horns and vuvuzuela’s were tooting well into the early hours of this morning. Orange madness has taken over the country and the journey isn’t over yet. Holland might be small, but it has a mighty talent on the field. The World Cup Final, which will be held on Sunday (kick off, 20.30, Johannesburg), takes place on the day of a solar eclipse. The eclipse is visible accross the tip of South America, as was the recent lunar eclipse. This helps to explain perhaps, why the South American teams did so badly. Eclipses tend to create upsets, things hardly go as planned, expect surprises and plans to be overturned. During a solar eclipse, the Sun disappears – wherby giving extra prominence and power to the Moon. This is a time to listen to your feelings, and my gut feeling is, that Holland will win this World Cup. This is the eclipse chart, relocated to The Hague, the Dutch capital, with the horoscope of the Netherlands in the inner wheel.

The Netherlands has a Cancer rising chart. This makes the Moon the ruling planet. During a solar eclipse – the most powerful being is weakened, it has to surrender to the Moon. Clearly Germany is a more heavyweight country, certainly with regard to size and financial clout, so in my opinion, this eclipse will not harm the Dutch chances, but it will harm tthose of Germany (if they beat Spain this evening). The dream final, for most Dutch people, would be between  Germany and Holland. The eclipse falls at 19 degrees 23 Cancer, in the first house of the Dutch chart, where it will trine a trio of planets in the national chart, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun, in the ninth house, of foreign countries. Whoever their opponent is, clearly with Pluto currently transitting the Dutch descendant, the team will show super human strenght and determination to win this World Cup.

Another indication of success for the Dutch, is the fact that Jupiter and Uranus are conjuncting the 11th cusp house of hopes and dreams, and squaring the asc/desc axis of the national horoscope. Speed, luck, geniality and discipline are hallmarks of this team. With Jupiter and Uranus both set to retrograde back into Pisces, and with Jupiter poised to conjunct the national Sun twice again this year, I am backing Holland to win this year’s World Cup!!

The horoscope of the World Cup Final:

Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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16 Reacties op The World Cup Final: Why Sunday’s Solar Eclipse favours the Dutch team

  1. Karen zegt:

    Thank you Elizabeth! My English is far from perfect, but I can read – and understand! – it.
    En nu maar hopen dat Oranje gaat winnen
    Ik blijf lezen, ook over non-sport onderwerpen.
    Hartelijke groet, Karen

  2. Paul zegt:

    Yes and the event chart of the final set for 8.30 Johannesburg, has the Mc of the Netherlands conjunct the Asc.

  3. And don’t forget the exact sextile the eclips makes with transit mars, which in turn makes an exact trine with the dutch mars, bridging the opposition between the eclips and the dutch mars

  4. Karen zegt:

    Maar interessant is het natuurlijk ook om te zien wat er allemaal bij de tegenstander speelt. Vanavond weten we meer!

  5. Paul zegt:

    Yes Liz, I saw that when I looked last night. 😉

    Well I burned candles the last two matches and sent a wish to the team and visualizing them taking the Cup and raising it. I can see it before me.

    Hell we’re all gone Orange crazy and hmmm Neptunes on the Mc, Do we believe in fairy tales ? 😉

    The strength of the Dutch team will be their unpredictability.

  6. Paul zegt:

    This eclipse is triggering my Kite wwwowohoooooo I have lots of creative ideas 😉

  7. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Ik heb voor Nederland een andere geboortetijd: 11u46m50s.; gmt 11u28m50s.
    Hier is de Ascendant 19.25.57 Kreeft= conjunct Zon/ Maan positie eclipse 11 juli 2010.
    Verder zijn M.C. 18.47.50 Vissen; C11 25.58.41 Ram; C3 23.27.16 Leeuw.
    Zwarte Maan= 28.14.12,7 Waterman.
    Wanneer de wedstrijd aanvangt 20u30 Nederlandse tijd is de uurhoekascendant conjunt Neptunus in 29 graden Waterman en conjunct Zwarte Maan Nederland.
    Nederland heeft op 11 juli 2010 de transit Neptunus conjunct Zwarte Maan in 29 graden Waterman.
    Sabian graadsymbool 29 Waterman:
    The beautifully winged insect has just come forth into glorius adult being on completion of its metamorphosis.
    De eclipse stand 20 graden Kreeft is vierkant Bert van Marwijk’s Neptunus in het twaalfde huis in 20 graden Weegschaal heer vijfde huis.

  8. Hoi Andries, jouw geboortetijd van Nederland is kennelijk een gecorrigeerde tijd (gezien die 50 seconden). Weet je ook op basis waarvan die correctie heeft plaatsgevonden? 10:30 LMT, is de tijd die meestal gebruikt wordt en ook door the book of world horoscopes wordt gegeven.

  9. Karen zegt:

    Jaaaa, Andries, kun je ook uitleggen wat de betekenissen daarvan zijn?

  10. Hendrik zegt:

    Die Kaap is weer Hollands. Jan van Riebeeck het ’n terug keer gemaak. Ons in Suid Afrika sal skreeu vir Holland. Hub Hub Holland. (En ja Afrikaans en Holland is nie so verskillend, ons verstaan nog mekaar.)

  11. Folkert zegt:

    “”This is the eclipse chart, relocated to The Hague, the Dutch capital, with the horoscope of the Netherlands in the inner wheel.””

    Is Amsterdam en niet Den Haag de hoofdstad? Ik dacht het toch wel…

    The Hague is not the capital of The Netherlands. Amsterdam is…

  12. Paul zegt:

    yes, but if we want to be taken seriously as astrologers, we need to use correct Data to start with date place and time, otherwise what’s the point ?

  13. I chose to use Den Haag, so there is nothing wrong with the data.

  14. jerry van zegt:

    Hup Holland Hup translated in english
    Go Dutch Masters Go. de wilpower van de voorhoede gaat nederland naar victory brengen.

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