Full Moon Horoscope: Will the Waterbearer bring some relief to Fukushima ?r

Tensions and emotions rise as we enter the build up to Saturday’s Full Moon and there is every reason for concern. On Saturday the  Sun in the Full Moon horoscope occupies the same space in the heavens as Uranus on March 11th – when the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. In re-visiting this degree – the Sun increases the tension that already surrounds a now fully charged Aries Point. Furthermore at the Full Moon – the Sun and Moon both square the Moon’s Nodes – now in Sagittarius and Gemini. There is an  abundance of mutable energy circulating in the cosmos at this time which will  contribute to the collective anxiety and uncertainty with regard to Fukushima. Pisces to Aries – only when the Sun has crossed this line, and moved beyond Uranus and the square to Pluto – will the people in Japan have some relief from the almost unbearable tension they are  now living under. The horoscope for the Full Moon set for Fukushima, Japan (click to enlarge image)

The Sun and Moon appear contained in the fixed houses (2 and 8 respectively) – and the ascendant is in a fixed sign – Aquarius. I find the image of Aquarius – kneeling and pouring out his cooling waters over Fukushima immensely soothing. Aquarius is a fixed sign – which suggests stability – even in the midst of a great danger. Our most benevolent lady, Venus is in the ascendant – in strong mutual reception with Saturn from the ninth. International knowledge and assistance will be of great benefit to the Japanese people who are currently risking life and limb to bring the situation in Fukushima under control.

Pluto is back where he belongs – restricted,  imprisoned in the 12th house. This is precisely where he lay awaiting when Percival Lowell discovered him. However, the image of spent nuclear waste – which as I write is causing the greatest threat to the Fukushima nuclear plant – clearly falls under the dominion of just such a dangerous, lurking Pluto.

We will need to hold our breath for a long time. Only when the Sun has crossed into fiery Aries – and moved beyond the clutches of Uranus and Pluto – will there be occasion for the Japanese to sleep safely in their beds. Having said the horoscope for the Fukushima Full Moon does seem to offer some light relief. It is a horoscope that could have been much deadlier and more potent.

The Japanese are an unbelievably brave, noble, and proud people. Yet we are witnessing a first world country, one of the world’s leading economies brought to its knees. How fragile we are… How fragile we are. When the nightmare is over (for these things too will pass away) the Japanese people will undergo a profound inner change. Surely the events that have unfolded in Japan over the last week, will be a watershed in defining the Japanese identity in the 21st century.

Elizabeth Hathway, DFAStrolS, QHP

Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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