Aries Ingress, Sun conjunct Uranus: AT&T aquires T-Mobile USA

I think I spent Sunday recovering from Saturday’s Super Full Moon… This stellar hang-over is probably also why I missed the big news story on Monday – which is of course that AT&T looks set to aquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom. (News broke sometime on Sunday evening). Clearly with the Sun hovering around the Aries Point – and Uranus now enthroned upon it – some major technological news story was bound to grasp the headlines. Sun and Uranus conjunct – there’s some serious fusion going on here methinks!

The aquistion of T-Mobile USA, will make AT&T the biggest mobile phone provider in the USA.  Meanwhile in Europe, Deutsche Telecom – pockets filled to the dazzling amount of 25 miljard dollar contant (+ 14 miljard dollar in aandelen)- will probably be looking to re-invest some of its new found wealth. This has given rise to optimism on the European Stock Markets which made good profits on Monday.

I somehow don’t think the American consumer will be quite us happy though. With one of the four providers set to disappear from the picture – they look set to have less choice and higher mobile phone costs. This is visible in the ingress horoscope – the Moon is separated from Saturn – but about to opposes Mercury.

Horoscope the Aries Ingres – Location Washington DC


Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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