Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces

Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces:
In the struggle for Scottish Independence two names stand out. First there is Alex Salmond, the enigmatic leader of the Scottish National Party and Scotland’s first minister, the second is that of his commanding deputy, Nicola Sturgeon.

Anyone familiar with Scotland will know that it is one of the best places in the world for salmon fishing, Scotland’s whole coastline is quite literally dotted with places to fish.

Sturgeon is the name given to a whole species of fish which are typically large, long-lived and capable of a great diversity of riverine habitat.

The fishy symbolism of the names Salmond and Sturgeon, is suggestive of the zodiacal sign Pisces and anyone familiar with the idea of the Age of Aquarius will know that the astrological Age of Pisces is now drawing to an end. You will find some information on the Ages and what they refer to at the end of this blogpost. For now it is enough to consider that an astrological age will last approximately 2000 – 2300 years which is about as long – historically speaking- as my island home has been referred to by a single name, Britain. This being the name given to the island by classical geographers.

I personally think that the Scots are poised to choose for Independence. Metaphorically speaking, its time for the Scots to break the knot that ties them and to swim off on their own.

Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces
The first horoscope I want to refer to is that for the Nostradumus eclipse of August 11 1999 – which as you might remember was visible over the UK. At the time I published an article in the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain (Vol. 41, No. 3, May/June 1999): I wrote “Coming back to Britain: could this eclipse be linked with a further disintegration of the UK? Will Scotland be happy with its parliament, or will it push ahead for full independence? The astrologer Wemyss associates 6-7 degrees of the fixed signs with oil and 15 of the fixed signs with refining of oil. Scotland’s oil is a definite source of income for the UK, there are big oil refineries in Wales too, so there is a UK link. Although the eclipse does not fall exactly on either of these degree areas, Uranus was at fifteen degrees just a few days prior to the eclipse, and Mars is there too a few days before that!!” p.30. I have always been of the opinion that a major eclipse – which this grand cross eclipse most certainly was – will resonate through degree areas for a very long time to come. Note the current transiting position of Saturn (the UK has a Capricorn Sun – and is therefore Saturn ruled) with relation to this 1999 horoscope!


Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces
The second horoscope
I would like to refer to, is that of the future king Prince William. William was himself born on an eclipse with the Sun in the very first degree of Cancer. The Sun as you can see in the horoscope – is setting. Neptune – the planet of dissolution  –  is on the ascendant. The 25 Dec. 1066, Westminster, 12.00 noon horoscope for Britain – Nicholas Campion suggests – is the important chart when looking at British monarchs. William has Pluto at 24 Libra (Charles I – beheaded on 30 Jan. 1649 had Pluto at 24 Aries) – the ascendant/descendant axis of the 1066 chart is 22 degs. 17, Aries/Libra). While not suggesting that William is destined to meet a violent end – Libra is altogether less aggressive – I am suggesting his role will be transformed in a major way. It was said under Queen Victoria that ’the sun never set on the British Empire’ it must say something that the Sun is setting in this future monarch’s chart.


Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces

Much has been made about the transit of Pluto to the UK Sun. I use the 1801 horoscope for the UK which puts the Sun at 10 degs. 10′ Capricorn, this transit now seems done and dusted, when in reality it most certainly isn’t. The Sun/Moon midpoint arguably one of the most potent degree areas in the horoscope, is now set to come into play. The UK has the Sun/Moon midpoint at 14 degs, 48 Libra – which means Uranus and Pluto both still have to trigger this area. The Sun/Moon midpoint is where heart and soul are joined, where consciousness and unconsciousness meet, where our will and feeling nature are as one. The last time Pluto transited this point it was in Libra, in 1977-1978. 1977 was the year of the Queen’s Jubilee, the Yorkshire Ripper, and major strikes. Since we are talking Pluto – it is particularly worth noting the strike of London undertakers who left 800 corpses unburied.

Yet there are major differences between then and now. I just want to mention one or two.

A) Pluto is in the sign of the establishment, Capricorn and Pluto rocks and shakes from below. The establishment has been rattled and judging by the ‘fear tactics’ being employed by the ‘No’ campaign at the moment, Westminster is on full alert. The ‘Yes’ campaign is much more upbeat and positive. Alex Salmond does – after all – have a grand water – feel good- trine in his birth chart!
B) We are still in the midst of the longest running Uranus/Pluto square on record. On December 15th we will have the 6th of 7 hits. (The final square is on March 15th 2015.) This points to an ongoing process of deep change. The seismic plates beneath our feet are shifting.
C) Particularly in relation to Scotland – we have the most Draconian, unfeeling Government in the UK and the Scots distrust the Tories anyway – which is why David Cameron (radix Sun at 15 degs. 27 Libra) has avoided visiting Scotland during the build up to the referendum. In an article written and published two years ago on this blog “The Great Scottish Independence Game’ I reported on the arrogance of David Cameron and warned that he might well overplay his hand. I think he has.

Alex Salmond & Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish Independence & the Age of Pisces
When people have power there is always a risk of hubris. I think for David Cameron to preside over the break up of the United Kingdom would be a fitting end to his vision of the ‘Big Society’  (which you will see if you follow the link  – he suggests- was invented by Jesus). Cameron in fact has created a dystopia that has spelt nothing but disaster for the majority of people living in the UK today (London and the South-East excluded!).

The story of the boy who cried wolf comes to my mind. The Government has fed the public too much false information over the last years, the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the disappearance of 114 Home Office files on child abuse, just two examples from a list that is long. The Scottish people would be wise to pay little attention to scaremongering. Neptune currently winds its way through watery Pisces.. fueling dreams of future successes or failures – for with Neptune one can never be quite sure of anything. Yet while the positive upbeat tone of the Salmond-Sturgeon bandwagon kindles Utopian imaginings – David Cameron and his Eton cohorts can only offer those less privileged BRITS … ever more of the same.

A final note: In his article on Scottish independence published in the July/August 2014 issue of the Astrological Journal, Mark Cullen notes the importance of the astrological degree 26 Cancer in Scottish history. Cullen cites varies battles and historical figures including Robert the Bruce who had the Sun around this degree. Cullen claims – using Ptolemy as source that ‘Scotland probably obtained its Cancer association in this system due to its location in the far north, which links to Cancer’. p.33. It is worth noting that Alex Salmond has Jupiter conjunct Uranus exactly in this degree – as does the Moon at the time the polls close on  September 18th.

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Precession of the Equinoxes
The stars viewed from Earth are seen to proceed in a procession from east to west daily, due to the Earth’s diurnal motion, and yearly, due to the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. At the same time the stars can be observed to move slightly retrograde, at the rate of approximately 50 arc seconds per year, a phenomenon known as the “precession of the equinox‘. Traditionally this 25,800-year-long cycle is calibrated for the purposes of determining astrological ages by the location of the sun in one of the twelve zodiac constellations at the vernal equinox, which corresponds to the moment the sun rises above the celestial equator, marking the start of spring in the Northern hemisphere each year. Roughly every 2,150 years the sun’s position at the time of the vernal equinox will have moved into a new zodiacal constellation. (Source Wikipedia).

There is some dispute when the Age of Aquarius will begin – but most astrologers agree that we are certainly now on the cusp of it.

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Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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