Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention
Astrologically, I have been following Julian Assange for quite some years. These are links to previous posts I have written about his plight:  Julian Assange: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness; & Julian Assange Arrested. In both these posts I was taking 12.00 pm as the birth time – as there was doubt about the actual time of birth. Since then two times have surfaced for Julian Assange. There is the 15.00 source, Sy Scholfield,  “The Unauthorised Biography (Melbourne: Text, 2011), p. 32: “Back in Townsville on 3 July 1971, my mother was taken to Base Hospital, and I was born around three in the afternoon. She says I was round, dark-haired, loud, with the look of an Eskimo.” [website: www.syschofield.com]
Astrologer Chris Brennan, is however using a slightly earlier time of 14.06, and is taking as his source an article published in the American astrology journal, the Mountain Astrologer, http://horoscopicastrologyblog.com/2010/12/19/julian-assanges-birth-time-discovered-by-tma/  Brennan claims the Mountain Astrologer was contacted by an anonymous source who claimed the time was taken from the birth certificate.

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention
The last few days, Assange has been back in the news. Yesterday (4 Feb. 2016) news leaked that the  UN Working Group on Unlawful detention had ruled in Assange’s favour and stated he should be set free.‘The Group … called on Swedish and British authorities to immediately end the WikiLeaks founder’s “deprivation of liberty” and compensate him.’ The British Government has already refused to recognize this ruling, claiming that Assange, ‘.. is, in fact, voluntarily avoiding lawful arrest by choosing to remain in the Ecuadorean embassy.”

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention
Of the two potential horoscopes – I am now leaning towards the time given by the Mountain Astrologer. Why? The 14.06 time, gives Assange an ascendant of 17.28 Scorpio. Remember, Julian Assange came to prominence with the leaking of footage of a US helicopter shooting civilians in Iraq. In July and October 2010, Wikileaks released masses of classified US military documents on the Afghan and Iraq wars. Among other things, Mars is the ruler of conflict, war and aggression.

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention
Transiting Mars is currently conjunct Julian Assange’s ascendant – which seems to me to reflect his current re-emergence  into public consciousness. There is a real soul struggle going on here. The Scorpion is a nocturnal creatures that lives in holes or under rocks, yet four years of living indoors in such severely restricted circumstances must be unbelievably hard to endure. Assange’s ascendant ruler Mars exiting from the confinement of the 12th house – reflects an inner urge to reconnect with life – and reminds us that he  is still imprisoned (even though his voice is once again being heard). Mars will spend a longer time in Scorpio this year – and will make three conjunctions to Jupiter in Assange’s first house (Feb. 28, June 4, July 25). However, with Britain set to challenge the ruling – the most Assange can expect in the months ahead is extra publicity. This in itself is probably very important for him – but the possibility of Britain (here supporting major friend and ally America) – considering letting Julian Assange off the hook is unthinkable. This is a ‘cat and mouse’ game and the cat is prepared to wait.

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention
In the secondary progressed horoscope, Mars in Aquarius is conjunct the North Node in the fourth house. This moment in time might signal the beginning of Assange slowly coming to terms with the fact that he will have to make his voice for freedom (North Node Aquarius) heard  from a small and much less public base. I am of the opinion that this is actually his ‘job’ or his true calling, in this lifetime. If you follow Assange’s radix ascendat ruler Mars in the secondary progressed horoscope – then you will see that it never makes it to the 23rd degree. Secondary progressed Mars clings to the 22nd: Mars was clearly already slowing down when Assange was born and in the secondary progressed horoscope, it turned retrograde  in 21 deg 57 Aquarius, in August 1979. Assange was born under a separating Mars/North Node conjunction. In the secondary progressed horoscopeMars  made the exact conjunction with the North Node in June 2012 – the very month that Assange took up residence in the Ecuadorean embassy. These kinds of ‘hints’ are often found in the secondary progressed horoscope – and as I perceive it – lift the veil a little to reveal something about the soul’s intention in this lifetime.

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention
The 14.06 birth time, makes Venus the ruler of the 12th house. As you would expect, in June 2012 when Assange took up his residence in the Ecuadorian Embassy, Venus was strongly in the picture, particularly in the secondary progressed horoscope. Whereas transits are communal – all of us are currently experiencing Saturn in Sagittarius – the secondary progressions have a much more personal tale to tell. The secondary progressions express the inner dimensions of a life, are personal in nature and are – in my opinion – connected to developments in our soul’s mission in this lifetime. When Assange took refuge – his secondary progressed Venus had reached the conjunction with the radix South Node in Leo in the 10th house. This made Assange a very public and highly visible prisoner. All eyes were now on ASSANGE. Respected, admired and surrounded by influential people- yet subject to 12th house restrictions on movement. The South Node – clearly does have a Saturnian character.

© Elizabeth Hathway, DFAstrolS, QHP, MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology
360° Astrology, Amsterdam


Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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  1. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    I rectified the birthtime of Julian Assange as 14 hours, 52 minutes and 12 seconds.

    Progressive aspects.

    1-Aug-2010 +15°,44’31 Sun // Plu
    16-Aug-2010 005°,07’39 Aries Moon 120 mutual C-12
    17-Aug-2010 005°,08’45 Aries Moon 60 mutual Sat
    22-Aug-2010 027°,17’45 Aquarius C–3 90 Jup
    24-Aug-2010 005°,08’50 Gemini Sat 180 mutual C-12
    31-Aug-2010 000°,42’37 Aquarius C–2 60 Nep


    13-Aug-2010 +01°,11’51 Sat # Pars
    14-Aug-2010 029°,59’00 Pisces Ura 120 Asc
    14-Aug-2010 027°,26’50 Aquarius Nep 135 Black Sun
    16-Aug-2010 010°,38’17 Libra Mars 90 Sun
    16-Aug-2010 002°,59’41 Capricorn Plu 135 MC
    17-Aug-2010 -04°,20’10 Mars # C-11
    20-Aug-2010 027°,17’45 Aquarius Nep 90 Jup
    21-Aug-2010 002°,59’41 Libra Sat 45 MC
    21-Aug-2010 028°,46’13 Leo Sun 135 Chiron
    22-Aug-2010 014°,59’00 Libra Mars 45 Asc
    24-Aug-2010 015°,42’37 Libra Mars 45 Nep
    24-Aug-2010 029°,39’53 Pisces Ura 180 Black Moon
    25-Aug-2010 001°,41’15 Aries Jup 60 Sat
    25-Aug-2010 027°,09’26 Aquarius Nep 150 Plu
    25-Aug-2010 016°,41’15 Libra Mars 135 Sat
    25-Aug-2010 027°,09’06 Aquarius Nep 45 AR02 (arabic part)

    Dutch language.

    2-Jan-2019 010°,28’31 Scorpio C-11 135 Ven
    8-Jan-2019 029°,39’53 Kreeft Maan 60 ZMnT
    14-Jan-2019 013°,33’36 Steenbok Asc 60 AR05
    18-Jan-2019 029°,59’00 Kreeft Maan 120 Asc
    18-Jan-2019 000°,00’00 Leeuw Maan Nw
    27-Jan-2019 000°,18’53 Leeuw Maan 120 OND Nep
    31-Jan-2019 005°,39’34 Tweeling Sat 90 OND C–3

    1-Feb-2019 008°,19’22 Leeuw C–8 * SOUTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    8-Feb-2019 000°,42’37 Leeuw Maan 120 Nep
    23-Feb-2019 -18°,55’33 Jup // Maan
    26-Feb-2019 005°,43’50 Vissen C–3 180 AR10
    28-Feb-2019 010°,38’17 Scorpio C-11 120 Zon

    8-Mrt-2019 001°,41’15 Leeuw Maan 60 Sat
    8-Mrt-2019 013°,41’16 Kreeft Desc * SIRIUS (JUP – MARS )

    11-Apr-2019 013°,46’13 Capricorn Asc 90 Chiron
    16-Apr-2019 013°,46’56 Waterman Drac 30 OND Asc
    28-Apr-2019 +15°,02’30 Ven // OND Plu

    14-Mei-2019 +20°,09’00 Maan # Asc
    15-Mei-2019 004°,02’39 Leeuw Maan 45 C-11
    20-Mei-2019 013°,33’36 Boogsch. C-12 90 AR05
    25-Mei-2019 025°,28’31 Leeuw Zon 60 Ven

    17-Jun-2019 006°,01’57 Vissen C–3 135 AR01
    26-Jun-2019 008°,41’06 Maagd Merc 150 OND C–2

    2-Jul-2019 005°,40’56 Leeuw Maan 60 OND Sat

    9-Jul-2019 013°,46’13 Waterman Drac 60 Chei
    9-Jul-2019 025°,35’30 Leeuw Zon 90 AR04
    15-Jul-2019 006°,06’33 Leeuw Maan 150 OND C–3
    26-Jul-2019 025°,38’17 Leeuw Zon 45 Zon
    30-Jul-2019 011°,04’19 Weegsch. Ura 30 OND C-11
    30-Jul-2019 +19°,17’53 Maan // OND Sat

    5-Aug-2019 006°,49’48 Leeuw Maan * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MAAN )
    7-Aug-2019 013°,45’57 Waterman Drac 60 OND C-12
    9-Aug-2019 013°,46’13 Boogsch. C-12 120 Chei
    14-Aug-2019 007°,08’35 Leeuw Maan * NORTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    25-Aug-2019 007°,31’15 Leeuw Maan 60 OND MC
    25-Aug-2019 +18°,58’25 Maan # Mars
    29-Aug-2019 007°,38’36 Leeuw Maan 90 Maan
    29-Aug-2019 +18°,55’33 Maan # Maan

    8-Sep-2019 014°,39’53 Waterman Mars 135 ZMnT
    17-Sep-2019 +18°,41’42 Maan # Jup
    18-Sep-2019 008°,19’22 Leeuw Maan * SOUTH ASELLUS (MARS – ZON )
    21-Sep-2019 +18°,38’31 Maan // Sat
    22-Sep-2019 +18°,38’02 Maan # Nep
    24-Sep-2019 008°,31’59 Leeuw Maan 30 OND Merc

    6-Okt-2019 007°,38’36 Weegsch. MC 30 Maan
    6-Okt-2019 008°,56’21 Leeuw Maan 180 OND C–2
    9-Okt-2019 009°,01’38 Leeuw Maan 45 AR09
    20-Okt-2019 006°,22’36 Vissen C–3 45 C–3
    24-Okt-2019 009°,32’28 Leeuw Maan 60 Ura

    10-Nov-2019 009°,01’38 Waterman C–2 135 AR09
    16-Nov-2019 010°,19’51 Leeuw Maan 90 AR03
    20-Nov-2019 010°,28’31 Leeuw Maan 45 Ven
    25-Nov-2019 010°,38’17 Leeuw Maan 30 Zon

    9-Dec-2019 011°,05’22 Leeuw Maan 60 OND Ura
    18-Dec-2019 011°,28’31 Scorpio C-11 * ACRUX (JUP – )
    20-Dec-2019 011°,28’48 Leeuw Maan 90 OND C-11
    22-Dec-2019 011°,32’31 Leeuw Maan 135 C–2

  2. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Julian Assange: Sweden files request for arrest over rape allegation.
    20 May 2019.

    Julian Assange.

    Progressive aspects.

    10-May-2019 +20°,09’00 Moon # Asc
    16-May-2019 004°,02’39 Leo Moon 45 C-11
    20-May-2019 013°,33’36 Sagittarius C-12 90 AR05
    25-May-2019 025°,28’31 Leo Sun 60 Ven


    20-May-2019 028°,46’13 Taurus Sun 45 Chiron
    20-May-2019 013°,46’13 Sagittarius Moon 120 Chiron
    20-May-2019 002°,59’41 Cancer Mars 45 MC
    20-May-2019 028°,46’13 Taurus Merc 45 Chiron
    20-May-2019 029°,39’53 Taurus Sun 120 Black Moon

  3. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Julian P. Assange.

    11-Apr-2021 014°,39’16 Scorpio C-11 45 ZMnT
    13-Apr-2021 027°,17’44 Leeuw Zon 90 Jup
    14-Apr-2021 027°,41’59 Leeuw Maan 90 OND Jup
    15-Apr-2021 011°,09’23 Weegsch. Ura 0 OND MC
    21-Apr-2021 014°,40’59 Scorpio C-11 * SOUTH SCALE (JUP – MARS )
    26-Apr-2021 025°,28’52 Leeuw Ven 60 Ven
    27-Apr-2021 028°,08’30 Leeuw Maan 120 C—2


    11-Apr-2021 012°,09’26 Waterman Sat 135 Plu
    12-Apr-2021 012°,11’40 Waterman Sat 90 AR03
    13-Apr-2021 025°,28’52 Waterman Jup 120 Ven
    13-Apr-2021 025°,38’34 Waterman Jup 135 Zon
    14-Apr-2021 025°,46’26 Waterman Jup 120 AR09
    18-Apr-2021 026°,29’49 Waterman Jup 120 C-12
    27-Apr-2021 010°,28’52 Stier Ura 45 Ven
    29-Apr-2021 028°,08’30 Waterman Jup 60 C–2
    30-Apr-2021 010°,38’34 Stier Ura 60 Zon

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