The Astrology of Love & Relationships: Part Three – Iman

The Astrology of Love & Relationships: Part Three – Iman

In the first part of this series, I looked at the horoscope of the first meeting between David Bowie and Iman. In the second part – I took a closer look at David Bowie’s birth chart, giving special attention to Bowie’s secondary progressions for October 1990. In this post – I will be looking at the horoscope of Iman.

In contrast to Bowie – Iman’s birth time is unknown. The clarity Bowie’s chart provides is to some extent missing in Iman’s horoscope. Without a birth time no information can be gleaned from the 7th house, its planetary ruler or planets in the 7th house. This is an important area where relationships are concerned and it remains a mystery. In Iman’s horoscope, it is striking that seven of the ten planets are to be found within an orb of 40°, in the summer signs Cancer and Leo. These seven planets cluster on either side of Bowie’s Leo descendant.  Equally significant, is that Iman’s Sun is closely conjunct with Bowie’s Moon. The combination of Sun conjunct Moon – was considered by the astronomer/astrologer Ptolemy – to be a significant factor between marriage partners. The Moon is always an extremely important in relationships. The ability to feel ‘comfortable’ ‘at ease’ and ‘at home’ in the presence of the other, is vital if a relationship is to be successful.

Another frustrating factor of not having a birth time, is that we do not know in which houses in Iman’s horoscope the Moon’s Nodes lie. The Moon’s Nodes – and the ruler of the North Node – are important. If the Nodes fall in the 1st or 7th houses, then the area of relationships is highlighted in specific ways. We also do not know in which sign the Part of Marriage is placed or which planet rules it.  What the secondary progressed chart does however show – is that Venus (the female archetype) and the Sun (the male archetype) are conjunct in Virgo. In her birth chart, Iman has Venus sandwiched between Mercury and Uranus in cosy, sentimental, home and family loving Cancer. Uranus in the picture introduces an element of the unexpected, the sudden, and the evolutionary.

What do the transits have to say?

Iman has the Sun and Jupiter in Leo. At the time of the first meeting, Iman has just experienced (Oct. 4th)  the first of three transits of Jupiter conjunct Jupiter. She is in the midst of her Jupiter return. In some respects Jupiter  rivals the Sun, it is an enormous planet also linked to kings, wealth and particularly to changes in fortune. Jupiter in Leo is regal, royal, huge in every way. Jupiter completes its return on January 26th ’91 and May 31 ’91. Four months after the first meeting, the couple move in together. Radix Jupiter – is tightly conjunct radix Mars. It is clear that Bowie  fulfilled an inner archetype in Iman of a bright, brilliant, powerful, charming male. Furthermore, Jupiter is the ruler of Iman’s North Node in Sagittarius. The North Node introduces an area of life that we are simultaneously learning through and growing towards in this lifetime. Leo is a sunny sign. What I find particularly moving about photo’s of Iman and Bowie together – is that they are always smiling, radiant even and usually in some form of loving embrace.

Jupiter’s daughter is Fortuna – and in truth, the wheel of fortune turns and is no respecter of persons. Bowie had been battling against cancer for 18 months prior to his death in January 2016. On August 26 2014, Iman once again experienced a Jupiter return. The conclusion that I draw from this, is that Jupiter’s placement in Iman’s horoscope and particularly its rulership of the North Node, is particularly significant to this lifetime.

Horoscope 1: Iman – Secondary Progressions Oct. 14 1990

iman sec prog

Horoscope 2: Iman meets Bowie transits

iman meets bowie

In the next part of the series, on Valentine’s Day itself, I will look at the relationship chart and the synastry in more detail.

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