Astrological Insight: This week’s grand earth trine & Mars retrograde station

Astrological Insight: Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde Station
Welcome… in the week that Mars stops dead in its tracks. This week Mars truly does grind to a halt and certain areas of the zodiac will feel this. Mars is a planet of force or drive, it can fire our ambition, our loins, our adrenaline, making us bold & ‘go get’, passionate and sexual, or stirring us to fight our corner. Again, some area of the birth chart (where is Mars transiting in your horoscope right now and what houses does it rule ??) will be getting the full weight of a Mars station – by that I mean the full weight of Mars will be set down somewhere in your horoscope. Issues that you have perhaps been philosophical about (Sagittarius), or avoided through focusing on other activities, now demand attention.  If Mars is related to the 7th house or transiting that house for example, it could be that anger in a relationship – suddenly becomes a real, serious issue. If Mars is connected to the second house, then a financial situation might become more acute. On a more general level – all of us will experience the Mars retrograde somewhere. Here, there will be a sense of ‘back tracking’, ‘re-assessing’, or a turning of attention inward in order to gain a clearer perspective on an issue (or complex of issues) that need serious energy if they are to be resolved.

Astrological Insight: Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde Station
There is no getting round a Mars station! Mars will turn retrograde on Sunday 17th April and from May 27th, Mars will be back in Scorpio where it will remain until August 2nd. As Mars slows down before its direct Station in mid June, it will spend 3 weeks in the 24th degree of Scorpio. This is a huge standstill and in such situations, I always find its good to have a chart to follow. This week, Mars is stationing opposite US Uranus (in 8.55 Gemini) and will back track over US ascendant. Mercury is ruler of the US 7th house (I use the Sibly horoscope for the US), the house of open enemies and Mars will make its June station in trine to US Mercury (24 deg 11, Cancer). The 7th in mundane astrology, is amongst other things, the house of open enemies, treaties and commercial agreements. Is there some plotting going on somewhere, some behind the scenes shenanigans? Remember Mars is moving back into the 12th which Manilius called the house of ill-omen, but which we also now see as related to service to others and to mysticism. Mercury is also ruler of the intercepted 9th. Mars will not return to Sagittarius until August 2nd. Definitely a good chart to watch.

Astrological Insight: Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde Station
Now apart from Mars… This week has enormous creativity to it. The Sun in Aries is a great initiator. It is the energy of Spring, a time when nature (which includes us) shakes itself out of a winter lull and literally gets moving. There is a heightened sense of drama, creativity and inspiration. However, the fact that Mars – the planetary ruler of Aries – will do a turn around – means that projects that are set up now, or products that are launched now, will be subject to this energy and might ultimately take longer to get off the ground than expected. My advise would be to wait until the Sun moves into Taurus next week.

Astrological Insight: Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde Station
There are some great trines this week. Remember a trine is uplifting – it is the energy of three – and therefore related to spirit. Venus trines Mars on Tuesday – so a reconciliation in a relationship is likely (however, since Mars will turn retrograde – if a relationship is becoming more serious difficulty to maintain – this reconciliation will be very tentative).

Astrological Insight: Grand Trine in the element Earth:
On Thursday, Mercury will trine Jupiter – and on Sunday – Mercury will trine Pluto. Mercury is acting here very much as a go-between, facilitating between the two super powers, Jupiter and Pluto. What we have is a grand ‘earth’ trine. Remember, Jupiter is in Virgo and Pluto is in Capricorn. I love earth trines – and grand earth trines – well… just how good can it get? I am a Capricorn I might add… so clearly biased. Earth is a pragmatic, sensible, constructive, practical element. In business talks, while Aries might be all fire in the belly, earth will say, ‘ok…. but what can we really do for each other?’, ‘how are we going to finance that?’ Earth is interested in the practical side of things and before setting out on any journey will want to know what constructive steps need to be taken to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’. Great energy this for cutting through and grounding.

Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde: The sextiles
Filling in and easing the flow, there is a lovely sextile on Tuesday between Mercury and Neptune.  Slip into ideas – but be prepared to slip out of them too. Neptune is in oceanic Pisces – while Mercury is in earthy Taurus, a sign which of itself somehow manages to clip the wings of Mercury’s slippers. A flight of fantasy ends. But… focus on flow …. Taurus can get stuck on a thought but Pisces has the ability to make the energy move more easily. Good to know in business discussions.

Grand Earth Trine & Mars Retrograde: The inconjuncts:
It is worth mentioning the two inconjuncts that lead us into the Mars station. An inconjunct is an aspect of 150 degrees – meaning planets are separated by 5 signs – and are therefore not connected by element or modality. Mercury inconjunct Saturn on Saturday – invites us to find a creative solution to a challenging communication problem. For example, Saturn might represent the older generation – Mercury the younger. Wit and humor bring good results. Then there is the tricky Venus/Jupiter inconjunct on Sunday. Don’t act rashly here. Venus in Aries can quickly ignite. Remember.. Venus will soon square Pluto … and her current ruler Mars turns retrograde some hours after the inconjunct. Beware of negative emotions and situations where you have a very clear idea of how things ought to be. Virgo can get stuck on detail – while Jupiter really would much rather see the big picture. Have a great week.

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