Astrological Insight: Saturn offers Venus mature advice- but will she take it?

Astrological Insight : The week begins with the Sun in the final degree of Aries. Because the natural force of Aries is all but spent, this is a critical point and the energy is tipped in the balance. In some ways it feels fitting that Mars, the ruler of Aries,  turned retrograde yesterday. It seems that pushing further forward now will not bring the desired results quickly. Late afternoon, Venus currently in passionate Aries makes a harmonious trine to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. One of the themes centers on the need to take responsibility for relationships. Anger is often an Aries issue and Saturn now retrograde offers youthful Venus some mature advice:’ look before you leap ‘ or ‘act in haste repent in leisure’! You know the kind of advice I mean. Will Venus comply ? Probably not….

Astrological Insight : On Tuesday the Sun moves into Taurus, an earthy, deliberate, patient sign. The bull is strong and stubborn. However with Venus the sign ruler, in Aries you might say that this particular Taurus season sets off with a bang.  Venus is moving into conjunction with Uranus – and is in her sign of detriment. Some hours after the Sun/Taurus ingress – Venus squares Pluto. If there are undercurrents of jealousy, resentment, dishonesty or intrigue in a relationship, or issues surrounding power & powerlessness, then this square can have quite an effect. What was hitherto hidden – emerges into light. There is a rawness attached to a Venus/Pluto square, a sense of having to lay one’s soul bare or of doing hard business. Pluto can be destructive and will dig right through your dirty washing and hang it out in public. Venus is conjunct Uranus on Friday. Exposure: something comes to light that can shock us. The personal integrity, ethics and values of people (and those in power) comes under scrutiny.

Astrological Insight : In fact we are moving into a quite critical phase, both on a personal and on a collective level. Jupiter retrograde is backing up into ever closer opposition to Neptune, while Saturn in Sagittarius is backing up into the role of focal planet in the ongoing mutable t-square (which is the dominant energy of now). The dust of the unique 7x Uranus/Pluto square hasn’t settled. There is no clear order yet. Everything carries the energy of possibility as opposed to that of certainty. Jupiter in Virgo is data rich but insight poor. Saturn/Neptune indicates an existential crisis as we try both individually and collectively to extract meaning from complexity. Bewilderment rules okay. The coming weeks, be aware of people who try to play on your sympathies or who are able to overrule or undermine your own judgement. It is important yet increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction.

Astrological Insight : On Friday there is a Full Moon – which is perhaps an indicator that what  we are now required to do, is to reflect. We might have to acknowledge the deep, underlying feelings that are influencing our decision making. Reluctance to take a certain step for fear of loss of security for example. It is always good in my opinion, to-  heed what the planets are saying instead of  blindly forcing a way forward that goes against the natural flow. The mutable t-square is fantastic for exploring possibilities, for brain storming, for juggling ideas around but it seems to me that longer term life plans will only really get off the ground after the summer. Early September, Jupiter moves into Libra and then we suddenly get this wonderful reception going on between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is in the sign of Saturn’s exaltation – Libra, while Saturn is in the sign of Jupiter’s rulership, Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn really are the grand architects and when they are in supportive relationship with each other, we can really start to move things forward. However, Friday’s Full Moon offers a unique opportunity to examine our core feelings and to question or eliminate assumptions and truths that might have once been relevant but which no longer apply.

Astrological Insight : A final note.  At the moment Mercury is the evening star – and sets after the Sun. This means that Uranus is rising before the Sun and is currently the practical director. After the Venus/Uranus conjunction on Friday – Venus becomes the practical director. Where as Uranus impresses originality, unpredictability, instability etc. on the Sun, Venus impresses the need for harmony, relationship and co-operation. This week, relationships, appear to go through a phase of disruption, break or crisis ( reflected in the Venus/Pluto square, the Full Moon and the Venus/Uranus conjunction). Venus as practical director will incite us to be more considerate of the other.

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