Astro-Insights: Mercury opposite Mars, digging up old arguments…

Astrological Insight :  In my previous astro-insight, I mentioned that yesterday’s New Moon was conjunct with Pluto by antiscion. Well, it certainly brought some controversial news stories!  Pluto is very closely linked to genetic engineering and it had just entered Sagittarius (a sign closely related to research and ethics) when Dolly the sheep was cloned! One of the major news stories yesterday was about the genetic manipulation of pigs in order to ‘farm’ human organs! George Orwell would turn in his grave.

Astrological Insight : This new monthly cycle begins under the auspicious conjunction of the Sun and Venus which is exact today. Venus now becomes the evening star Hesperus and it will set after the Sun. American astrologer Michael Meyer, writes: ‘Venus’ Evening Star half-cycle denotes a deliberate and goal-oriented emotional make-up seeking to extract and distill the meaning of experiences encountered and ideals formulated during the Morning Star half-cycle. Whereas emotions and feelings eagerly rushed forward during the Venus Lucifer period, they are now more controlled and introverted in the Venus Evening Star period, though not necessarily less intense!’

Perhaps this period of being more in control is crucial. Mercury – ruler of the Sun and Venus is in Taurus and on Thursday, Mercury opposes Mars in Scorpio. Even retrograde, Mars in Scorpio goes hand in hand with energy and power, the big challenge is to use this power constructively and not destructively. The opposition energizes Mercury, and in the slanging match that could well follow, words quickly become weapons. Strongly polarized debates and since Mars is retrograde in Scorpio- the possibility of stinking old arguments being dug up again. It seems some things refuse to lie down and die! This could get very tedious.

Astrological Insight : Returning to Venus. At the moment, there is a strong ongoing mutual reception between Mercury and Venus (each is in the others sign). So, while Mercury might oppose Mars, he still has some powerful allies and friends. On the positive side, there could be some humour and wit in the slanging match and this is useful for getting a message across. Taking the Venus perspective, thoughts of love, love letters, and such like feature strongly this week too.

Hieronymus_Bosch_051 On the less positive side, this reception reminds me a little of the famous ’three ball trick’. This is the Hieronymous Bosch painting, the Conjuror (circa 1475). Distracted by the game, the boy steals the man’s purse! In other words, clever people can lead us astray and we need to have our wits about is. There is also an ability here to play the crowd ! The temperature in the Presidential election and in the UK EU referendum looks set to go up a notch.

Astrological Insight
: As the week draws to a close, Venus and the Sun start to engage with Uranus and really we should be aiming to achieve ever greater independence and authenticity. Our thoughts are our own. Venus is exactly sextile Uranus on Sunday, but the energy is manifesting before hand. Actions by women might become more vocal or angry this week. Demands are being made – and women might be making them! In personal relationships too – the key is to live and let live. Successfully negotiating the energy this week, might involve burying the past and letting bygones be bygones. Uranus in fire sign Aries – is very future orientated, and whatever the temperature, we need to remember to move forward and not look back.

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