Astrology Think Tank: Britain and EU Referendum Part II

This second post on Europe, will look at the importance of degree areas in relation to the UK and Europe. I will sketch an astrological picture of our history with the EU and based on my astrological findings, I hope to draw the right conclusion as to how the vote will go. In the previous article I discussed the rarity of the current mutable t-square (the last one was in 0545). I argued that Saturn’s natal 11th house position in the UK horoscope is related to the Commonwealth and Britain’s colonial past, but suggested that at root, it reflects an urge to exercise influence and power over larger groups.  Furthermore, I suggested that this archetypal energy currently finds expression through UK membership of the European Union.

The UK’s first (failed) attempt to join the EU was on August 1st 1961 under the transit of Uranus conjunct radix Saturn in Leo. Saturn is the ruler of the UK Sun – and I think the transit of Uranus over UK Saturn made those in power wake up to the possibility of a new world role. The Suez Crisis in 1956 was a humiliating defeat for the UK, it served to speed up the independence of its colonies and damaged  Anglo-French relations. Having refused an invitation to take a leading role in the Schuman plan (in 1950) , the precursor to the EU, the UK did a 180 degree turn and set its sights on  European membership. How very Uranus!

The UK’s second failed attempt at entry was on November 27th 1967, under the transit of Neptune in Scorpio square UK Saturn in Leo. Because the UK is born under a Saturn/Neptune square, it is extremely sensitive to the Saturn/Neptune cycle. (For example, Queen Elizabeth II was born under the square, coronated under the 1953 conjunction, etc. etc.)  I suggest that it is no co-incidence that the EU referendum is taking place under a mundane transiting Saturn/Neptune square. The first horoscope below, is for the UK (inner wheel), and for the first and second failed attempt at joining. Note the position of UK radix Mercury (17 Sag. 22).

no joy

Horoscope 2 below, shows the UK’s entry to Europe on Jan. 1 1973 (inner wheel) and for the 1975 and 2016  referendums. Striking – are the planets clustering around the 12-17 degrees Gemini mark (Saturn center wheel, Sun middle wheel (Mercury is just wide)  & Mercury in the outer wheel) and the 11-17 Sagittarius mark (Venus center wheel, Neptune middle wheel, Saturn outer wheel). The Gemini/Sagittarius axis which is particularly related to trade and to the international legal agreements that govern it, is emphasised. The Gemini planets fall under the astrological rulership of Mercury, the god of traders, shop keepers (robbers and thieves) and also of crossroads. The Sagittarius planets are Jupiter ruled – a planet with affinity with foreign travel, broader horizons, the bigger picture. As you can see, the upcoming referendum resonates strongly both with the join & previous ‘yes’ vote horoscopes. This must surely be seen as a big plus for the REMAIN camp as it seems to suggest a renewal of vows. Interesting note: Boris Johnson, leader of the LEAVE campaign, has Mercury at 19 degs 19 Gemini !

Horoscope 2

referendum files

Horoscope 3 below, is for the UK (innermost wheel) and the EU membership. The ascendant for EU membership is conjunct the UK radix ascendant, an almost seamless fit. The join horoscope highlights the third house, local trade vs the ninth house, foreign countries and international agreements. Europe is good for UK business so its said, because it offers the UK access to a large foreign market. At time of joining Saturn (ruler UK Sun) was transiting UK ninth house. This almost feels like handing over a portion of autonomy and own authority to a foreign power.  I don’t think its so surprising that just two years later – when Saturn was transiting the natal tenth house – the first referendum on whether to remain in Europe was held. At that time, Pluto was in transit over UK ascendant which is suggestive of a big make over – which incidentally is reflected in the UK secondary progressed horoscope. At time of joining, UK progressed Sun in the ninth house had literally just entered Cancer!

Horoscope 3

britain eu membership

Horoscope 4 – the last horoscope in this article – simply shows the UK and the 2016 referendum. Transiting Mercury – is at 16 degrees 36 Gemini – Saturn is at 11 degs 41 Sagittarius – and transiting Jupiter is in the picture as well at 16 deg 05 Virgo. Once again the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is very clearly emphasised. I find this significant.

Horoscope 4

eu referendum uk

In a reversal of position to the join horoscope  – when Saturn was transiting the ninth –  transiting Saturn is about to conjunct UK – Mercury. This could easily translate as the UK taking back the authority it gave to Brussels, and taking back responsibility for its own trading relationship with the rest of the world. Transiting Uranus is currently in UK 7th house – the house of open enemies but also of partnerships. Uranus is always a game changer and can lead to sudden breaks in relationships. However it must be noted that Uranus is currently trine to UK radix Saturn and join the EU Mercury. At the time of entry, Jupiter was in Aries doing pretty much the same thing. Again, this could be a boost for the REMAIN camp.

Given the astrological conditions – we are all at sea. A mutable t-square of this extreme rarity will create big waves. A term that resonates most strongly with Jupiter opposite Neptune is that of a tsunami of immigrants. Saturn square Neptune breaks down order – and leaves people running scared. Free floating anxiety is a lovely watery trope and so Neptune in Pisces. We seem to be in the midst of a collective mal-function. Hopefully this will ultimately lead us to a ‘re-connect’ with our own identities. It’s okay to feel worried or scared, it’s normal sometimes – only we seem to have forgotten that. However, as things stand irrational fears – resulting from the breakdown of the old order and authority – are recreating conditions that were also evident at the time of the breakdown of the Roman Empire (see my previous post). Corruption, greed, lack of political accountability, lack of vision, etc. etc. have led to a crisis of faith between the people and those who govern them. Irrationality, insecurity and fear have a lot to say in this referendum.

A worrying astrological factor for the REMAIN Campaign – is that Venus ruler of the UK ascendant – is Out of Bounds on the day of the vote. A planet OOB – wants to pull away from authority (the Sun) and go its own way. Venus is on the midheaven – in Cancer – the sign of the UK Moon. This speaks to me of personal identity and of protecting what belongs to me. When threatened, Cancer draws back into its shell. Though Venus in Cancer could relate to playing safe ‘better the devil you know’. However, the OOB aspect could also suggest that Britain is about to pull away from Europe. Other astrological factors that need to be taken into account:

1: Nothing huge is happening in the UK horoscope on the day following the referendum. However, Mars is in Scorpio and almost at station and it squares UK Saturn; the transiting Moon in Aquarius opposes UK Saturn (Parliament;  transiting Moon in Aquarius squares Mars. This creates a fixed t-square involving radix UK Saturn:  ‘alea iacta est’? The Moon on the day of voting, is in the fourth house – our home, our roots, the ground beneath our feet – but it is in group orientated Aquarius.

2: The UK is approaching the transit of Pluto opposite the Moon. Given the UK Moon is in the 10th house – this suggests a change in the public persona of the country, a change in status of the country, and quite possibly a break of trust between the people and its government. However, it must be said whether we vote to go – or stay, this energy will surface. Broken promises by the government, won’t be taken lightly. This feels like very grass roots opposition (Pluto in the 4th). David Cameron is in the midst of the transit Pluto square the Sun and whether we stay or go, he will struggle to keep his party together methinks. Imagine if the vote is very finely balanced – and it could very well be!

3:  In May 2019 – the UK has its lunar return – followed in August 2021 – by a dazzling triple sec.progressed conjunction of Sun, Moon and Jupiter in 17 degrees Leo. UK Saturn – you will remember is in Leo – in the 11th. In one word: sovereignty, sovereignty is important for the UK. Though 2019 or 2021 seem like a long way off, fact is, leaving Europe will not happen over night. There will be new agreements necessary, new trade deals and alliances will need to be found etc. etc. I find this triple conjunction very bold, very daring, and very confident – and lets face it – a vote for BREXIT will take a lot of self confidence.

In the introduction, I said I would give my astrological opinion, so here it is.  The most determining factor in my eyes, is that the current mutable t-square locks into UK radix,  EU entry and and EU referendum horoscopes. This feels like very strong gel to me – and makes it extremely difficult for me to imagine that Venus OOB will be sufficient to break this bond. Yet Saturn transit to radix Mercury -ruler of the ninth – suggests that the UK wants to control its own borders. Astrologically, this is anyone’s shout and shout it I must!

UK’s secondary progressed ascendant – the country’s soul -is currently at 16 Gemini 05 – and in the radix ninth house – Europe.  This final important indicator should convince the UK that its future lies in a broader union. It is the task of the astrologer to use astrological insight to advise. This is a classic case of be careful what you wish for and I am compelled to put my weight on REMAIN as the best option for the UK. In the final article in this long read series, I will look at the horoscope of the EU – and the horoscopes of David Cameron. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. Read Part One

 Elizabeth Hathway, MA, DFAstrolS, Horary Craftswoman, (Amsterdam, June 9th 2016)

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Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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