Astrology Think Tank: UK EU Referendum Part III

Astrology Think Tank: One of the aims of an astrology think tank is to use astrological knowledge of horoscopes and cycles to influence the course of action. I opened this three part series on the EU referendum by questioning David Cameron’s wisdom in calling it under a mutable cross. I suggested that Cameron should have waited for Jupiter to enter his own sign Libra and for the positive planetary reception between Jupiter and Saturn to establish itself. This is sound astrological advice. In the second part I looked at important degree areas and considered a possible ‘knee jerk reaction’ as UK ascendant ruler Venus moves out of bounds on referendum day prompting the UK to plough its own course. I gave my take on the result – suggesting that the UK would remain in the EU. Now, in this last part of the series, I will look at the horoscopes of the EU (horoscope 1), Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Nigel Farage.


Astrology Think Tank: It is clear when looking at the EU horoscope – that stability is one of its main aims. The Moon is in Taurus conjunct the South Node: literally a reconstruction project, from the ground up. The fixed signs are related to values and Neptune conjunct the North Node in Scorpio – one arm of a fixed cross – points us towards collective shared values that will not be easily won. While the close Moon/Uranus square has the potential for break-ups and break downs, the EU horoscope has a very earthy, pragmatic Sun/Moon trine: there is a very definite core commitment to its main aims, economic and political security. The EU is about to enter its second Saturn return. This is a great time for a re-think, a re-focus and a re-view. What are the core values (Sagittarius) of Europe? What is its main vision ? In May 2017 the secondary progressed Cancer Moon in the EU horoscope opposes the Capricorn Sun – reinforcing the Saturn return. The UK has a Cancer Moon. If I were advising the EU now on how to keep the UK in Europe – I would suggest a positive emphasis: no to economic doom and gloom/ yes to letting the UK know how much its membership is valued. I think the EU will miss the energy the UK brings to the European debate, however the EU will be fine without the UK. The fixed cross will continue to consolidate its own financial and political interests and I think,  should the UK leave, that the EU will prove itself to be really tough in its Brexit negotiations with the UK. Saturn will transit EU ascendant and MC ruler Mercury in 2017 – before moving across the IC (and the galactic center) and entering its home sign Capricorn. Given the fact that the EU and the UK have the Sun in the same degree – this transit could either consolidate and close the deal – or indicate major obstacles in the negotiations.

Astrology Think Tank: Nigel Farage (horoscope 2) is very much the man of the moment. The angles of his chart resonate with the current overdose of mutable energy. You could call him a planetary spokesman and with Uranus and Pluto bracketing his radix ascendant, this message has been pretty  shocking. Farage is currently bolstered by Uranus transiting his sun sign. Farage’s exalted ‘me first’ Aries Sun – squares UK Capricorn sun – which in a mundane sense translates as a projected struggle for UK first. However, I am concerned that the UK political arena has simply become a battle ground for Farage’s own self aggrandizement. Farage image is that of a rebellious, drinking, smoking ‘lad’, however, we should not forget that he described his party UKIP as the ‘fox inside the Westminster hen house‘. The UK/Farage composite chart (horoscope 3 below) does not present a pretty picture. Sun square Saturn conjunct the North Node reeks of authoritarianism. Fear of the other is a powerful drug and the  campaign poster Farage released only yesterday, suggest he is currently administering large doses of it to the UK public. Given the UK’s resonance with the Saturn/Neptune cycle, the current transiting Saturn/Neptune square – picks up Nigel Farage’s horoscope quite magnificently. It is at times like these that I find astrology spooky. Saturn is transiting Farage’s 4th house and is squaring his  asc/desc axis. Neptune in Pisces conjunct his descendant -is useful when projecting a daunting vision of a tsunami of immigrants (the unknown other) in seemingly endless flotilla’s floating our way.


 Composite Farage/UK

farage and the uk

Astrology Think Tank: David Cameron’s Sun in Libra (horoscope 4 below) – is closely opposite that of Nigel Farage. Cameron’s vision is Conservative but clearly much less ‘far right’. He is an establishment figure. Farage is not. With his chart ruler Venus conjunct the UK ascendant, the image Cameron projects resonates with the image the UK has of itself. This single aspect goes a long way to explaining his majority second term in office. Cameron’s powerful Mars in Leo is conjunct UK Saturn: he is the youngest PM in over 200 years.  Both Mars & Saturn are currently suffering from a a stinging, long transit of Mars in Scorpio. Much more worrying for Cameron is transit Pluto in the fourth house which is in full scale square to his first house Sun. Clearly, Cameron needs to take the gloves off, he needs to be prepared to come out from behind his Libran facade and get into the fray. He needs to toughen up his act if he is to channel this energy successfully.  If he doesn’t, I am afraid he will be seen to be weak. I would recommend – and I really hate myself for saying this – that he watch some Maggie Thatcher videos! Cameron has power at his finger tips now – though unlike his nemesis, Farage, he is unsure how to use it. I get the feeling that the status quo, his self image, or both are too important – though on reflection in the light of the horrific killing of Jo Cox – restraint could also be viewed as a virtue. Unlike Farage, Cameron’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction is under wraps in the 12th house. Both Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are currently experiencing the transit of Saturn in square to radix Pluto. This fires up ambition, and is powerful enough to allow others to really feel its force. Both have been hammering their message out or should I better say, forcing it down our throats?  Cameron’s polite voice became lost in the din. The composite UK/Cameron (horoscope 5 below) is also somewhat unsettling. Mars in Cancer is unaspected on the midheaven and therefore lacking clout. Venus is conjunct Pluto and opposite Saturn which is precisely the energy the country is wrestling with at the moment. On the plus side, the chart has a protective Sun/Moon trine and a composite Jupiter which emphasizes radix Jupiter in the 10th. More advice for Cameron: push home the benefits EU membership has for small business (radix UK Jupiter rules the 3/6 houses), get more EU success stories out there, go for good headlines. Ultimately Jupiter in Leo is far more interested in hearing about success than about failure. In other words, keep it positive.


uk cameron SFPage

Astrology Think Tank: Last but not least, the horoscope of Boris Johnson (below) , a Gemini, who has natal Mercury opposed to UK Mercury in the ninth house. The UK’s secondary progressed ascendant is currently in the ninth house and it is conjunct with Johnson’s Mercury. His vision of the future of the UK clearly resonates with a lot of people. Again, with 7 out of 10 radix planets in mutable signs and born under a mutable t-square with Mars as focal planet, Boris Johnson is yet another man of the moment. Mentally agile, a complete opportunist, Johnson is perfectly positioned to pick the chestnuts out of the fire. Under a mundane Jupiter/Pluto trine, any fool will tell you, chaos spawns opportunities for some. Like Cameron, Johnson also shares a Libran ascendant with the UK. Though Johnson’s Venus is very closely conjunct the Sun, the conjunction is unaspected. It seems to me like its not really going anywhere. Boris Johnson lacks weight, he might be amusing, but he lacks gravitas. Of the Gemini planets, only Mars is really aspected and it is square to both Saturn and Uranus. When challenged massive fissures open up. This was evident in a recent discussion with Scottish MP Alex Salmond. Boris had been consistently mis-quoting a report  and was forced to admit, he hadn’t actually read it. So my honest opinion on both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, is that their vision for the UK is populist, simplistic and self-serving. The road to hell is paved with good intentions – but with Farage and Johnson calling the shots, the UK’s stature, power and potential can only be diminished.


On a final note, I would like to mention the UK Pluto transit opposite the Moon (3x between Jan. & Nov. 2018): The current cycle began under a 5x drawn out conjunction between September 1929 and June 1931. In particular 1929 is etched into collective memory. On October 28th – following the Wall Street Crash – there was a sharp fall in the London UK Stock exchange. Huge unemployment followed. On March 1st 1931, fascist, Oswald Mosley formed the New Part  which would later became the British Union of Fascists. There was enormous financial hardship and the UK found itself literally on the precipice. The circle is round… I started this series noting the rarity of the current mutable cross.. and related it to the dark ages that took hold as the authority of Rome (also Europe wide in its reach) crumbled. However, there are huge differences between then and now. The rulers of Imperial Rome were autocratic and despotism was rife. The Emperor was as a god – who ruled through the virtue of an army, with an iron fist. The EU is not ruled by Brussels – though there are those who would have us believe that this is the case. The EU has many voices in the forum and the UK has been welcomed as one of them. Of course when the UK choses to Remain –  this Pluto transit will still come about, but the arena within which it will be operating will have different parameters.

Elizabeth Hathway, MA, DFAstrolS, Horary Craftswoman, (Amsterdam, June 9th 2016)

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on all three articles. Thank you for taking the time to read one or all of them. Please respect my work, if you want to copy any part of the text – link back to this site for the full article. I would love to hear your comments either on the thread or by email:



Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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