Astro-insights: Mercury in Gemini – a period of turmoil comes to an end

Astrological Insight : Today sees the second full-moon in Sagittarius during this Sun in Gemini period. As if we haven’t had enough mutable energy,  the cosmos throws us two full moons in Sag – and this one conjunct the galactic center ! The galactic center is the rotational point of the milky-way and astronomers believe there is a super black hole at the center of it.  Pluto’s transit in this area saw among other things the fall of Lehmann Brothers bank, Meltdown Monday, and the start of the current financial crisis. Even though the Moon will pass swiftly through it, this area of the sky has chaotic potential. Feelings run high and we might experience inner conflict between what we think we ought to do and what our emotions tell us. This is amplified by Monday’s Mercury/Saturn opposition and Mercury/Neptune square. The good news this week however, is… Mars is finally approaching its station and the Sun is poised to move into Cancer..

Astrological Insight : On Monday, UK politicians gather to commemorate the life of the British politician Jo Cox who was brutally murdered last week. Mercury is currently setting up a mutable grand cross which means our inner conviction and belief systems are now being tested to the core. In Gemini, Mercury is astute, quick witted and swift footed, yet at the start of the week Mercury is pegged down by Saturn and over whelmed by Neptune. Jo Cox is a victim of violence (Neptune in Pisces) and yet her death might prove to be a catalyst re: the outcome of the UK/ EU referendum. The idea of sacrifice to heal the collective is an ancient one, and I believe it takes on many mysterious forms. To be clear: I am not in any way suggesting that this attack was justified or justifiable, I am suggesting that there are other invisible (Neptune) currents at play. On a personal level, we may start the week feeling distracted or irritated. This may be because we have too much to do or simply that we are unable to set priorities. Where to begin ? We might find we have taken on too many commitments or that we are experiencing hold-ups because others are unable to fulfill their commitments. So whatever else you do this week, remember to breathe!

Astrological Insight : The coming three weeks, Mars appears to pretty much ground to a halt in Scorpio!! Yes.. I did say three weeks in the 24th degree. Clearly anyone who has planets in their birth charts in the zone here, will experience amplification, strong focus on affairs, a desire to get to the bottom of things, an intense urge to clear the board and do whatever needs to be done, to get the show back on the road. Mars in Scorpio is aggressive and relentless. The station proper is on June 29th – and on June 30th Mars goes direct. This Mars period, may tie into events that took place half way through February, when Mars first passed through this degree area. Mars in Scorpio challenges us to trust our gut instinct. Scorpio is never rational. Mars has been retrograde since 17 April and in fact it might take us until August 22nd to get back to where we were then.

Astrological Insight : The horoscope for the Cancer ingress Tuesday is a challenge to us to use our heads and not to let feelings run away with us. The Sun is opposite the Capricorn Moon – and despite the Sun/Venus conjunction – this chart has an uncomfortable feel to it. The cause? The presence of the mutable grand cross is highly evident – things are pretty volatile. A grand cross is a frustrating construct, it throws up obstacles and presents solutions, but mutable suggests the ground is constantly shifting beneath our feet. We need to be on constantly on our toes and positioned to hit the ground running. With Jupiter feeding off into Pluto – we don’t want to miss an opportunity, fact is we might even be frightened to miss a golden opportunity. We might want to seize the moment – but Saturn makes us think too hard and limits our risk taking potential. Complex set of conditions. Though the triggers might be hard to identify, our own inner landscape might also lead us to be ‘up one minute’ and ‘down the next’. Mutable is diffuse and unpredictable and how this manifests in our own unique circumstances might depend on our ability to improvise and how flexible we are. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jupiter trine Pluto does present great opportunities for some. The final trine in this current series of contacts, takes place on Sunday. Be ready…

Astrological Insight : To round up. The Sun enters emotive, solsticial Cancer, a sign which has a strong sense of tribe, family and belonging. Cancer is also hugely concerned with safety of house and hearth. Big decisions hang  in the balance and Mercury is a key player now.  Mercury in Gemini has no strong sense of allegiance or loyalty, it signifies a thinker, a mental strategist, an orator, someone who has a way with words. Mercury’s role as agitator is however over by the early hours of the 23rd when it makes its square to Jupiter (conjunct the Node) on Referendum Day. Looked at rationally the big rewards are in the Jupiter / Pluto trine (last aspect in current series is on Sunday). We know this earthy trine and when we look ahead pragmatically, we also know what it has brought us and what it can still offer us. Besides that, Sun and Venus exalt Jupiter. I continue to find the astrological argument for Remain the stronger option.

This week, we might have to make up our minds about something, about the direction we want to go in. I think once we have done this, we can prepare to move on with things. In some respects, this week, a period of turmoil really does start to come to an end.

Elizabeth Hathway, MA, DFAstrolS, Horary Craftswoman

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Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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