Astrology: Dear Donald Tusk… A letter from Theresa May

Dear Donald Tusk… A letter from Theresa May

This week, the letter has made a bit of a come back. Let’s face it, even with a digital signature, an email to Donald Tusk from Theresa May would have been unthinkable. Letters fall under the natural rulership of Mercury – and at the time of signing in Westminster, Mercury was exactly on the ninth house cusp – which is the ideal position for a letter addressed to a foreign diplomat. Mercury is trine Saturn – UK’s ruling planet – and has just separated from Uranus – suggesting a major upheaval (Brexit) in the recent past. Saturn is angular, in the 4th house. The day of signing (28 March 16.37, Westminster) there was also a new Moon in Aries, so the Moon is combust, but in strong reception with Mars in detriment in Taurus. There is a stellium of planets in the 8th house – which includes UK ascendant ruler Venus. The UK has Libra rising and Jupiter is currently transiting the natal first house. Jupiter in Libra, is currently retrograde, but applying in square to Pluto- transiting UK’s fourth house, and opposing UK radix Moon in Cancer. It is hardly surprising that Europe felt an iron fist inside the diplomatic silk glove. This is how one German political analyst Markus Becker (STERN) put it: ‘A section of May’s Brexit letter demonstrates the true weakness of her position. If there isn’t a deal at the end of the negotiations, the letter to the EU states, the UK wouldn’t just be reduced to following WTO rules — it would “mean our cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened.” On this subject, unlike economic issues, disadvantages would be equal for both sides. The danger of terrorism would grow for the UK just as it would for the EU. The fact that May has issued such a threat seems desperate.”

Anyhow it is from the position of horoscope one below – that Britain moves into its negotiations with Europe. Tomorrow I will look at the second horoscope and will look at how the letter was received.

Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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