Liz Hathway Astrology: The real reason Theresa May missed the tv leaders’ debate

On June 8th, a ‘snap’ general election will take place in the UK. Snap – because the election should have taken place in 2020, but was called early. Theresa May’s slogan for the election campaign is ‘strong and stable leadership’ – so in this introductory article on the UK election, I will answer the followings questions “does the horoscope of Theresa May suggest she is a strong and stable leader’ ? Why did May refuse to take part in last night’s leaders’ debate? and last but not least, would her election bode well for UK Brexit talks with Europe? I will begin by saying, that there is no birth time for May – so the horoscope used below is a sun rising chart.


Born under the sign of the scales, you would expect the soul to be required to learn the art of balance. Weighing up ideas, sizing up situations, sitting on the bloody fence for hours agonizing over which course of action to take: Libra is renowned for its difficulty with decision making. Having said that – forget at your peril that Libra is a cardinal sign !! Once a decision is taken, Libra can be incredibly resolute. The ruler of May’s Libra Sun is Venus in Leo and in her horoscope, Venus is approaching a conjunction with Pluto and both Venus and Pluto are square Saturn in Scorpio. There is a stubborn, fixed edge to this aspect, which acts like a sharp point. Saturn square Pluto is an aspect of authority – and the burning question is – how is that authority put to use? Typically, a person with hard Saturn/Pluto aspects will appear very strong, dominant even when in their comfort zone -but very weak when outside it. My first astrology teacher, always referred to the hard Saturn/Pluto aspects as the ‘master or slave’ aspect. Of course, consciousness plays a role- as do other planets favourably aspecting either planet – however in May’s chart, the Saturn/Pluto square is incredibly close. This astrological aspect explains to me, why May refused to take part in the televised leader’s debate. To participate in last night’s debate would have meant engaging with the public and colleagues on a feeling level on live television. This would have put May way out of her comfort zone. With Venus conjunct Saturn – square Pluto I think she was concerned she would come over as stiff, or strict, that she might lose the the argument and hence her power. If feeling weak – she would likely have ‘clammed up’. The carefully cultured ‘strong and stable’ image of May the Conservatives are marketing, is quite simply too important risk with a tv debate. However, this refusal to take part, to engage is worrying, particularly with a view to the Brexit talks.

When May sent her letter to Europe, the threatening tone many European leaders picked up on resonates with Leo square Scorpio – Saturn square Pluto energy. I am a Brit, living in Europe – honestly– European leaders got the message. It seems to me that May has set the tone. Hard on hard – Saturn on Pluto. My guess is that with May as PM – the discussions with Europe will be rougher and tougher than they need be – and this is partly because of the stance taken. If Europe plays ball – and May can be the boss – can remain detached and powerful within her comfort zone – great. But will Europe really be prepared to bend over backwards?? If May is unable to face up to a televised debate, how will she face discussions and talks with European leaders? The whole ‘hard Brexit’ thing, the idea of walking away from the talks, well to my mind it reeks of an un-evolved, unloved, untended Saturn / Pluto square.

Meanwhile back at the birth chart…. Jupiter in Virgo is in detriment – Mercury in Virgo is at home, comfortable even when retrograde. Mercury and Jupiter are two aspects of mind. Mercury puts things into words, Jupiter places them in a wider context. Jupiter is opposite Mars in Pisces – which again has a fluid feel to it. We are dealing with mutable, moveable signs here. This oppostion is suggestive of overreach followed by back tracking. This aspect is another that clearly undermines the ‘strong and stable’ meme.

So will May win the big prize? She is clearly hungry for power (Sa/Pl) and determined to put her ideas into practice (Me/Ju in Virgo). With Jupiter currently transiting her sun sign Libra – and stationing direct on the day of the election – we see here a good planetary signature for success and indeed, for moving forward. This favourable energy is complemented by Saturn, which is currently in trine to May’s Venus. This summer’s solar eclipse on Aug 21, which falls on May’s Pluto – has done so before in 1998 – however it failed to take the wind out of her sails. So we need some very strong signatures elsewhere, strong enough to counter balance Jupiter – to see another leader at Number 10. In Part Two on the UK general election, I will be taking a fresh look at the horoscope of Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is making a phenomenal surge at the moment – and is set to gain strength from Mercury which is poised to enter his sign Gemini. It’s all getting very, very exciting …
To be continued….

Liz Hathway, MA, DFAstrolS, QHA
Amsterdam, June 1 2017






Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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  1. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Fictief gecorrigeerde horoscoop.

    Radix van: THERESA MAY Geb.uur : 03h,00m20s5

    Plaats : ALL SAINTS HOSP. EASTBORNE Tijdsoort: -01h,00m00s

    Breedte : +50°,45’16,6 G.M.T. : 02h,00m21s

    Lengte : +00°,15’57,5 E.T. : 02h,00m52s

    Datum : 1-10-1956 S.T. : 02h,40m32s,161

    Dag : Maandag Tabeldag : 32 / 8 / 1956

    Delta-T = 31 seconden JD = 2435747,5839294 T = 0,5674903197644927

    Troonrede 28 juni 2017.

    Progressief aspect:

    28-Jun-2017 013°,44’06 Leeuw C-11 150 Mars


    28-Jun-2017 013°,44’06 Weegsch. Jup 150 Mars

    Queen Elizabeth II.


    15-Jun-2017 007°,02’01 Kreeft Mars 45 Nep

    28-Jun-2017 028°,01’29 Ram Ura 0 Chei

  2. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Theresa May.

    22-Sep-2017 017°,21’54 Sagittarius Merc * SABIK (SAT – VENUS )
    22-Sep-2017 026°,06’38 Libra Jup 60 Moon transit
    22-Sep-2017 029°,22’17 Virgo Sun 0 AR07 transsit

  3. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Progressieve aspecten

    2-Nov-2017 014°,02’18 Leeuw C-11 30 C–2
    8-Nov-2017 012°,34’30 Scorpio Maan 45 AR06
    8-Nov-2017 012°,34’54 Scorpio Maan 180 MC
    14-Nov-2017 001°,29’43 Scorpio Nep 0 OND C–2
    17-Nov-2017 012°,54’07 Scorpio Maan 120 Pars

    4-Dec-2017 013°,29’19 Scorpio Maan 60 OND C-12
    4-Dec-2017 013°,30’29 Scorpio Maan 45 OND Jup
    11-Dec-2017 013°,44’06 Scorpio Maan 120 Mars
    19-Dec-2017 014°,01’14 Scorpio Maan 45 Merc
    19-Dec-2017 014°,02’18 Scorpio Maan 60 C–2
    23-Dec-2017 014°,09’29 Scorpio Maan 90 OND C-11
    24-Dec-2017 017°,45’32 Boogsch. Merc 90 Jup
    24-Dec-2017 001°,34’54 Scorpio C–2 30 Drac
    29-Dec-2017 014°,22’17 Scorpio Maan 45 AR07

    1-Jan-2018 014°,28’41 Scorpio Maan * SOUTH SCALE (JUP – MARS )
    8-Jan-2018 +21°,36’52 Plu // Plu

    2-Feb-2018 006°,50’24 Leeuw Ura 60 OND Asc
    23-Feb- 2018 018°,01’01 Boogsch. Merc 135 AR03

    Ik denk dat ik haar horoscoop zonder geboortetijd heb gecorrigeerd en dat na lange observatie van gebeurtenissen.

  4. Andries H. Cats zegt:

    Horoscope Theresa May.

    17-Dec-2018 009°,39’55 Steenbok Sat 135 Asc transit
    18-Dec-2018 021°,12’00 Vissen Mars 135 Ura transit
    19-Dec-2018 021°,25’22 Vissen Mars 90 C-11 transit
    19-Dec-2018 021°,32’24 Vissen Mars 45 Chei transit
    20-Dec-2018 028°,44’06 Ram Ura 45 Mars transit
    20-Dec-2018 -03°,42’59 Mars // C—3 transit
    20-Dec-2018 010°,02’56 Steenbok Sat 120 AR11 transit
    20-Dec-2018 009°,22’33 Boogsch. Jup 60 C—3 transit
    22-Dec-2018 -03°,07’23 Mars // Zon transit
    23-Dec-2018 028°,41’21 Ram Ura 60 AR10 transit
    24-Dec-2018 024°,39’55 Vissen Mars 150 Asc transit
    27-Dec-2018 027°,11’38 Scorpio Maan 135 ZwZn
    27-Dec-2018 026°,37’06 Vissen Mars 120 C-12 transit
    28-Dec-2018 027°,34’54 Vissen Mars 45 MC transit
    29-Dec-2018 011°,06’38 Steenbok Sat 135 Maan transit
    29-Dec-2018 014°,02’18 Vissen Nep 180 C—2 transit
    30-Dec-2018 -19°,37’27 Maan // OND Sat
    30-Dec-2018 -00°,40’25 Mars // Merc transit
    30-Dec-2018 029°,07’08 Vissen Mars 120 Sat transit
    31-Dec-2018 029°,20’17 Vissen Mars 150 Nep transit
    31-Dec-2018 029°,22’17 Vissen Mars 180 AR07 transit
    31-Dec-2018 011°,37’06 Boogsch. Jup 135 C-12 transit
    31-Dec-2018 029°,32’58 Vissen Mars 150 Plu transit
    31-Dec-2018 011°,22’53 Steenbok Sat 45 ZMnT transit

    1-Jan-2019 014°,20’17 Maagd C-12 45 Nep
    4-Jan-2019 009°,39’55 Kreeft MC 45 Asc

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