Liz Hathway Astrologer: How might Jupiter’s station & Mars out of bounds, influence the UK election? Can Jeremy Corbyn swing it?

I have previously looked at Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscope  and at the horoscope for the moment he was elected leader of the Labour Party. If you are reading this on Facebook – then both these articles are available, in English, on my blog: (just search under Corbyn). My blog is bilingual.  But in the shadow of this general election, it is certainly worthwhile revisiting Corbyn’s birth chart. As with May, time of birth in unknown so a sun rising chart has been used.

So… What strikes me now ? The position of Mars. Corbyn has Mars in Taurus. That Corbyn is making a surge at the moment really is a testament to his bulldog mentality, his staying power, his stubborn persistence and dogged determination not to be ousted by Labour Party big-wigs. Since becoming leader, Corbyn has had to endure a barrage of criticism and bad publicity, has been called time and again to resign and yet he is still standing. Many within the party who doubted the man, have – in my opinion – grown to respect him. In the UK 1801 chart,  Mars is also in Taurus and as islanders, we seem pre-programmed with the tenacity to go it alone.  Corbyn is a tough cookie and with Mars square Pluto, he has proven to be a very hard nut to crack. During this short election season – and on the day of the election – Mars will be out of bounds. A planet that is out of bounds has a wild, rebellious character and its behaviour is very hard to predict. On the day of the Brexit vote – Venus (ruler of the UK ascendant) – went out of bounds . Mars rules the UK 2nd house – finance/resources/ the national expenditure and budgeting etc. – and the 7th, which rules partnerships and divorces (think Brexit deal and the costs of it), but it also rules the nation’s open enemies (e.g. British subjects committing acts of terrorism within the UK).  These are issues of concern for the electorate for sure, but we need to go beyond the known and into the extreme. The Manchester bombing for example, falls under the remit of an OOB Mars. Another option we might consider, is the possibility of forces – outside the UK – influencing British public opinion. We saw this happen recently in the US and the French elections. I would also include data mining specifically aimed at triggering the emotions of swing voters and also the fake news used to bring that about. Though the number of swing voters is usually quite small, these voters can be enormously influential.  “Brexit came down to “about 600,000 people – just over 1% of registered voters”. It’s not a stretch to believe that a member of the global 1% found a way to influence this crucial 1% of British voters.”(quote from the Guardian newspaper, in an article discussing the influence of outside forces paid to carry out data mining aimed at swing voters during the Brexit campaign).

Corbyn has Sun trine Jupiter in his birth chart, he is an optimist and with Jupiter in Aquarius, I truly believe his election slogan, ‘for the many and not the few’. On election day Jupiter stations direct in Theresa May’s sun sign Libra -we see here a good planetary signature for success and indeed, for moving forward. This favourable energy is complemented by Saturn, which is currently in trine to May’s Venus. Stationary Jupiter trines Jeremy Corbyn’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Gemini. For Corbyn, which at the very least, must go hand in hand with a strong feel good factor.  The man really is well loved and he will feel that, I think, and the idea he is ‘bad news’ for the Party and an un-electable leader – will need to be revised. Corbyn’s legacy is that he has sown a lot of seeds in people’s minds – as a Gemini should. Youth is synonymous with Gemini/Sagittarius- and Jeremy Corbyn has drawn young people to politics. Personally, I find this the most positive thing I have seen in the UK in decades and it gives me great hope for the country’s future. Uranus will soon be in Taurus – the sign under which Karl Marx was born: I think socialism is set to make a strong come back.

This election is not only taking place under a stationary Jupiter, an out of bound Mars, but it also takes place around the full-moon in Sagittarius, which falls in the UK’s 3rd house: it also opposes Corbyn’s sign Gemini. The full-moon brings things to light, shows us the lay of the land and in many ways, brings clarity to a situation.  The Moon symbolizes the people – here in Sagittarius it is Jupiter ruled – and Jupiter is stationing direct, it is ready to move forward. In the UK secondary progressed horoscope, the sec.prog. Moon (natally in Cancer in the 10th house) is currently conjunct with UK sec. prog. Venus – ruler of the UK ascendant. Theresa May’s natal Sun in Libra – is conjunct with the UK ascendant.  Of the two leaders – May’s synastry with the UK chart is in my opinion, the stronger.

With its Capricorn Sun, the UK is in many ways a conservative nation – a nation that is being currently ground down by Pluto’s transit to the Moon, while still in recovery from Pluto’s transit to the Sun. The sad fact is – with Theresa May as prime minister – people know what they will get: more austerity, more cuts, huge issues with the NHS – and very possibly a bad deal with Europe. Hard times equate with Capricorn with a capital ‘C’. The Tories will of course have the populace wash the bitter pill down with arrogance, while simultaneously seducing us with talk about how great Britain is and how talented as a nation we are, etc. etc. Lest we forget – the UK has Jupiter in Leo in the 10th. In contrast, Corbyn’s election as prime minister, is less clear cut. Many people are not sure what they will get – and in uncertain times, this is worrisome for the nation’s fretful Cancer Moon.  Less than two weeks after the election, Brexit talks begin. The country is literally stuck between a rock and a hard place….. It is this hard reality, that leads to conclude me that despite her lousy campaign, Theresa May will actually win. I think for many in the UK it is not really about May, who has ran a lousy campaign. I think it might come down to ‘better the devil you know’. It goes without saying that I want Jeremy Corbyn to win this election. I feel the negotiations with Europe would be in much safer hands. I comfort myself with the knowledge that we have no birth time for either candidate. If we did, the situation might look a little different. This really is in the lap of the gods… or rather.. in the hands of the people.

Liz Hathway, MA, DFAstrolS, QHA (Qualified Horary Astrologer: John Frawley school)


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Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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