The UK General Election – the results are in: Venus OOB Rules it, or does she?

On December 12th the UK will go to the ballot box for the third time in five years. This UK general election takes place as Saturn & Pluto edge their way towards conjunction exact on January 12th. Experience shows that Saturn/Pluto conjunctions are powerful moments that signal the beginning of a new karmic cycle and events happening now, the choices made, will reverberate through history for a very, very, very long time. Little wonder that many commentators refer to this election as the most important in a generation.

The Venus Situation

When I was commenting on the UK Brexit referendum, I noted the importance of the UK ascendant ruler, Venus, which went OOB on the day the referendum took place. At the time, I wrote:

A worrying astrological factor for the REMAIN Campaign – is that Venus ruler of the UK ascendant – is Out of Bounds on the day of the vote. A planet OOB – wants to pull away from authority (the Sun) and go its own way. Venus is on the midheaven – in Cancer – the sign of the UK Moon. This speaks to me of personal identity and of protecting what belongs to me. When threatened, Cancer draws back into its shell. Though Venus in Cancer could relate to playing safe ‘better the devil you know’. However, the OOB aspect could also suggest that Britain is about to pull away from Europe.

On December 12th, Venus will once again find herself out of bounds, but only just. On the 13th she returns to the fold. Given the Venus OOB link to the UK Brexit referendum and its symbolic return to the authority of the Sun, I find myself wondering whose election message resonates most with the British people and whose message will get them back on board?

Venus Beseiged

Traditionally, beseigement is a situation which astrologers assign to planet(s) positioned between Mars and Saturn the two traditional malefic planets and it is considered a very desperate place. I have no doubt that in mundane astrology the influence of Pluto is largely malefic, and my research suggests that a planet caught between Saturn and Pluto is also beseiged, caught between a rock and a hard place.  On December 12th, Venus, UK ascendant ruler finds herself between Saturn and Pluto, compressed between  two heavy weights. Symbolically speaking the country has its back against a wall and many voters are deeply unhappy with the options on the table, all we can say with certainty is that a powerful new karmic cycle for the UK is coming into effect. Saturn and Pluto are both lords of karma, and when commentators talk of this election being about ’the soul’ of the nation, astrologically speaking, I get it.

Boris Johnson – and the UK Horoscope (some of this text was first published on Liz Hathway Astrologer – on Facebook on June 13th 2019)

I first wrote about the strong synastry between the horoscope of a country and its leader in 2005, when I published an article “George W. Bush and His Role in the Destiny of the United States‘ (Astrological Association Journal, Vol. 47, Jan/Feb 2005). All my future research has confirmed my thinking. For a leader to stand any chance of becoming head honcho, he or she must have a horoscope that resonates very strongly with the nation’s birth chart.  The horoscope below shows on the inner wheel the horoscope of the UK (1801 chart) the middle wheel is the secondary progressed UK horoscope, the outer wheel, is the horoscope of Boris Johnson himself. Note the shared Libra ascendant, and the position of Venus in the progressed UK horoscope, which is exactly conjunct Boris Johnson’s radix Sun/Venus conjunction. Venus is UK ascendant ruler, and a big planet when it comes down the the fate and fortune of the United Kingdom as a whole. We are living in Saturn/Pluto/Capricorn times (who thought Brexit would be easy?) and so it  is also striking that Boris Johnson’s radix Saturn is conjunct with UK radix Pluto and if that’s isn’t enough, we are about to enter eclipse season. 


The December Eclipse

The Saturn/Pluto energy is tied into the annual solar eclipse on December 26th, which falls in 4º Cap 6′. The eclipse ruler is Saturn currently engaging with a powerful Pluto undertow hence suggestive of deep, profound and possibly traumatic change.  Falling just two weeks after the election, it is clear that this eclipse will influence the election result. The eclipse falls in the third house of the UK chart, an area that relates to infant and junior schools (as opposed to universities which are the 9th) mail and messages, Twitter, gossip columns, the (gutter) press, our neighbours and the conversations we have with them, it rules door to door canvassing, the general level of interest in the daily hub of news. But the third house is also about sound bites, slogans which simplify a message and keep it simple so that even a five year old can get it. The UK has Mercury in Sagittarius in this house opposite Boris Johnson’s Mercury in Gemini. The Leave Campaign referendum slogan had a very simple message ‘Take Back Control’. The Tory slogan for this current elections is once again very simple, ‘Get Brexit Done’, and it is a message that definitely resonates with Capricorn – a sign linked to endings, to finality, to ‘no frills’ and changes in direction. The British public is suffering from Brexit-exhaustion and so I really do understand the desire to get this job done. I think the British public also realizes that the country is in a state of stalemate and a without a Government majority the Brexit scenario will go on, and on and on ad infinitum.

Boris Johnson ‘riding the dragon’

 You might recall that Johnson came to power around the time of the July 2nd eclipse which fell on his midheaven – the December 26th eclipse falls on his South Node. Though eclipses tend to get a bad press, oftentimes they simply act as a spotlight, bringing things into sharp focus – in this case – Boris Johnson’s life long ambition to be Prime Minister of the UK. Further more, Boris Johnson is born during eclipse season. There was a partial solar eclipse on June 10th 1964 and total lunar eclipse on June 25th 1964 – Boris Johnson was born between both of these eclipses. Johnson clearly resonates with eclipse season and in the words of Lynn Bell, a person born during eclipse season is ‘able to ride the dragon’. I have a very strong sense – when all things are considered – that Boris Johnson will not only win this election, he will also get a majority in the House.

Jeremy Corbyn:’ The Good Fella’ all battered and bruised

We do not have an accurate birth time for Jeremy Corbyn, which makes his birth chart difficult to work with. Without an ascendant we cannot accurately lay his horoscope over the horoscope of the UK and we are unable to exactly locate his Moon. Like Johnson, Corbyn is a Gemini but with Neptune in Libra trine his Venus and Mercury, Corbyn is a true socialist. Neptune is linked to the masses and the planets discovery coincides with the birth of voting rights for the working class male, and the slow evolution of a working class political movement (votes for women came much later). Initially I didn’t value Corbyn as a leader, however, he really has really grown on me and I would dearly love him to win this election. UK Mercury in Sagittarius in house 3 also falls opposite Corbyn’s radix Venus/Mercury conjunction, however the opposition here is expressed as enmity. The gutter press (Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph etc.) is opposed to Corbyn and have made it their job to vilify him and hence destroy his chances of becoming Prime Minister. The Daily Mail is owned by Viscount Rothemere, the Times by Rupert Murdoch, read on.

Corbyn’s Rally Round the NHS

The NHS was initiated by a Labour Government in 1948 under a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo, this means that the NHS resonates very strongly with the energy of the Saturn/Pluto cycle. Little wonder that as these two giants hook up, the future of the NHS is on the cards. As long ago as 2017, the sell off of lucrative parts of the NHS to private companies was hitting the headlines, and under a Boris Johnson government, it is hard to believe that our NHS is really in safe hands. We know that privatization of services generally does very little for the quality of care or service, on the contrary when profit margins are the bottom line, the heart is relegated and the soul suffers. Interestingly the NHS chart has the Moon in Gemini and the Moon is in Gemini on the day of the election – the NHS is the cornerstone of the Labour Party Campaign – and for many people this will swing their vote. Jeremy Corbyn is desperately fighting to safeguard the NHS.


Labour’s Slogan

Labour has opted for the slogan ‘It’s time for real change. For the many not the few’. This is a slogan that concerns me if I am honest, because to me it carries is a message of hope, and hope resonates more with Jupiter in Sagittarius – than it does with Jupiter in Capricorn. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct the December eclipse degree – and falls in UK third house, truly the British public are sick, tired and weary of Brexit, and are therefore much more likely to resonate with a message with a promises of endings, with the message  closure, ‘getting the job done’ than with the egalitarian message ‘for the many and not the few’.

UK Political System is Feral

Lest we forget, the UK is a Capricorn country, ruled by Saturn in Leo, the ‘old boy’s network’, power, status and privilege linked to old established aristocratic lines, these are the bare bones of the UK political establishment, and have resulted in enormous  inequality particularly when it comes to those at the very bottom of the heap. UK politics  is feral and with Saturn in Leo in the 11th house (Parliament), how could it be otherwise ? Leo is a fixed sign and the UK is politically set in its ways. I truly believe that it will take a political revolution and a brand new horoscope for the country, before a man like Jeremy Corbyn will be permitted to take the reigns. New Labour under Tony Blair was the accepted face of socialism, Corbyn is too radical and the system will therefore do its utmost to keep him from power.

Final Remarks

The UK election will take place on a Full Moon, the Sun in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter in Capricorn, so there is hopeful realism. The Moon is in Gemini – which suggests many people will only make up their mind when they are actually in the booth. These vacillating voters will play a big role. The Moon on election day will make a conjunction with Boris Johnson’s Sun, and shortly after polling ends, the Moon enters her own sign Cancer the same sign as the UK radix Moon position. (Note too that the Moon in the early hours will oppose the eclipse degree.) Cancer/Capricorn are cardinal signs, and I have a sense that the British public instinctively know they have to chose a direction in order for the country to move forward. This agony is reflected by the beseigement of UK ascendant ruler, Venus. Regretfully, I am of the opinion that Boris Johnson is the one delivering the message the nation wants to hear, clear and simple ‘Let get Brexit Done’ and it is for this reason that I believe he will not only win this election but will also gain a majority (albeit a small one) in the House of Commons. December 12th will be a long night, in the early hours of the Friday 13th the result will be known. I will be sitting up with other ex-pats to follow events. I won’t be taking champagne – but hopefully someone more optimistic than me, will. As Venus leaves her OOB status, I have a sense that something seismic is about to happen. For now, I will raise a glass in the sincere hope I got this one wrong 🙂 

©Liz Hathway, Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, DFAstrolS, Qualified Horary Craftswoman (Frawley School)



Over Liz Hathway

Liz Hathway is a British born astrologer currently based in Amsterdam. Liz studied astrology at the Kosmos in Amsterdam, at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and with well known horary astrology John Frawley. Liz also holds an MA (with distinction) in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, from the University of Wales, in Lampeter, and was short-listed for the 2016 Alumni Association MA CAA Dissertation Prize.
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