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Horoscopes Joe Biden and J.F. Kennedy and USA’s Saturn in Libra in the 10th house

On October 16th, I copied and pasted a number of posts on the US election that I had published on my Liz Hathway Astrologer page on Facebook. Below are a further two posts on next week’s election. The first was posted on FB – the second is a spin off from my weekly vlog. Posted on FB on 19 October, 12.06: Comparing the horoscopes of J.F. Kennedy and Joe Biden My reply to a comment on one of my previous posts served to remind me of an interesting similarity in the horoscopes of Joe Biden … Lees verder

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Astrology insight: Clinton vs Trump and Beyond

Astrology insight: Clinton vs Trump and Beyond It is sound mundane astrological advice to place the horoscope of a nation a notch higher than the horoscopes of individuals who only grace the world stage for a short while.  The general vibe in the collective is expressed by the mundane transits – and the horoscope of the country indicates how the horoscope is responding to these trends. Meanwhile the secondary progressed horoscope of the country indicates the country’s evolution and its developing needs. If we take the Obama campaign in 2008 as an example. On election … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Pluto stations…Clinton vs Trump.. let the slugfest begin

Astro-insight: Pluto stations The stations of Pluto are pretty phenomenal – though pretty might be the wrong word. The station of Pluto on September 24th, 2015 for example, saw the dreadful stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca in which 717 people  were trampled to death. Pluto’s stations bring moments of intensification in every sense of the word: risk, death – either symbolic or actual, power, collective forces, mass group initiatives, psychology, the dark collective, etc. conspire and combine. This is transformation Pluto style. So… The quality of the time is changed for the duration … Lees verder

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Mid-Term elections: Reflections on the US Horoscope

  To place the US mid-term elections in context, we need to take a close look at the horoscope of the country. What are the main transits and more importantly perhaps, what story are the secondary progressions telling? However, predicting the outcome of the mid-term elections wasn’t difficult. Newsweek was predicting, way back in March, that Obama and the Democrats would face a pasting. The article I am referring to was called: It’s the economy stupid. Which of course it is. People it seems are happiest when money is flowing – but since Pluto entered Capricorn – … Lees verder

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Sarah Palin,Neptunus & President Sarkozy

Tja… Ik heb de afgelopen dagen toch een beetje sympahtie voor die Sarah Palin. Natuurlijk speelt het feit dat ze nu echt geen president wordt – een zeer grote rol hierin. De Republikeinen zijn opzoek naar een zondebok… en Sarah Palin heeft die rol gekregen. Haar hele opkomst (en ondergang) speelt zich af onder haar huidige transit van Neptunus over de Zon. Dit kan – zoals ik zelf als Steenbok weet (Neptunus ging over mijn eigen Zon in 1996) een problematische transit worden. Met Neptunus in het spel dreig je 

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Barack Obama: Succes, Verlies en dromen

Gisteren avond hoorde op het journaal dat Barack Obama’s grootmoeder overleden was. Wat een ongeloofelijke timing eigenlijk. Net op het moment dat haar kleinzoon de hoogste ambt wordt toegereikt…dit laat zien dat de dood voor niets of niemand zijn hoofd buigt. Dit is het cyclus van leven en dood. De Zon is de planeet die Barack Obama’s grootmoeder weergeeft. De eigen

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Horoscope John McCain

What a difference a birth time makes… There has been some confusion here about McCain’s for which I apologise. McCain was born on 29 August 1936, 18.25 Colon,Panama. This data is from his birth certificate which is on-line. McCain has a Pisces ascendant. See chart here:

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McCain,Palin en de 150.000 dollar lady

  Gisteren brak het nieuws dat Sarah Palin’s “make-over” tot nu toe 150.000 dollar gekost heeft. Wauw. Wat een bedrag. Ben ik alleen of zien jullie ook de invloed van Neptunus hier??? Palin doet menige hart sneller kloppen. Daar ben ik van overtuigd. Nu dat we een geboorte tijd voor John McCain hebben, en weten dat hij Vissen op de Ascendant heeft staan, is het duidelijk waarom McCain, Palin gekozen heeft. McCain heeft zijn Zon in het zevende huis en daar staat Palin’s Uranus paal boven op. Viel het jullie ook op hoe McCain naar Palin’s achterwerk staarde toen hij haar als … Lees verder

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Democrats Abroad:Madcaps Welcome

The photo might be a bit blurred, but yes this is me – hijacking a Democrats Abroad Gig in Amsterdam last Saturday. Yes… I did snatch the “I’m an Obama fan” sign from the chairwoman of Democrats  Abroad Amsterdam– Claire Taylor and yes, that’s Claire – more or less in the middle of the photo – twiddling her fingers, wondering what I might do next … and whether she will get her sign back or not!!  Democrats Abroad do a great job and the atmosphere at the pub was wonderful. Mad Capricorns were made most welcome 🙂 Liz

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The Pluto Effect: The IDEA of Change?

  Astro-blogging4Obama… bringing you the facts 🙂 As Pluto tentatively dipped it’s toes into Capricorn earlier this year, an incredible message of optimism swept over the world/ and me. Now considering I’m a Capricorn – that’s pretty weird – because who in their right mind looks forward to a visit from Pluto??? But then this message came: We Can Change: Yes We Can…  Remember the old adage “there’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” ? Well Obama’s message is powerful, and the time for receiving it has come. Forget lipstick, pigs and pitbulls. This … Lees verder

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