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Uranus/Pluto: Coming Up – Lynn Bell lecture in the Netherlands

The ongoing Uranus/Pluto square is probably THE big astrological theme of the moment, and it is always interesting to hear what other astrologers have to say on such an important topic. So.. There is a great opportunity coming up to hear well known American astrologer Lynn Bell talk on this subject in Amsterdam. Lynn Bell will give a lecture at Amsterdam School of Astrology on Sunday October 14th, so get that date in your agenda. Lynn Bell will not only be doing Uranus/Pluto but will also give a separate lecture on planetary detriment and fall. … Lees verder

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Amsterdam School of Astrology:Workshop met Keiron le Grice

Van collega Faye Cossar van “the Amsterdam School of Astrology” heb ik begrepen dat er voor de workshop met Keiron le Grice, op zondag 6 november, nog een aantal plaatsen beschikbaar zijn. Dr. Keiron le Grice belooft een interessante spreker te worden. Het thema  is Archetypal Astrology and the Hero’s Journey. Deze workshop is in het engels. Ik zal een tipje van de sluier lichten: “The idea that human experiences might be illuminated by analysing the stories and themes of myth has been explored in Jungian depth psychology, archetypal psychology, and in the field of … Lees verder

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Amsterdam School of Astrology: Palmistry – the secrets of hand analysis

“Cross my palm with silver?”….. If you have ever been interested in palmistry – then Faye Cossar of the Amsterdam School of Astrology has just the thing for you!! Faye has invited astrologer, and principal of the London School of Astrology – Frank Clifford to give a workshop on palmistry. Frank Clifford is an excellent astrologer – but is also well known as a celebrity palm reader !! ‘Be Your Own Palmist: Learn the Secrets of Modern Hand Analysis‘ with Frank Clifford, Sunday June 26th, Lumen in Amsterdam. To be sure of your place, reserve … Lees verder

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A consultation with Darby Costello?… Amsterdam School of Astrology

On Sunday 28th November, well known international astrologer Darby Costello will give a workshop at the Amsterdam School of Astrology. Darby’s lecture  is titled ”Love and Strife in Creating a World’, and the following text is taken from the Amsterdam School of Astrology, website:   “During the first two and a half years of the Uranus Aries transit, Saturn is in Libra. While this demands that we keep awake to the larger currents around us, it also brings Mars and Venus into focus in our natal charts. Our instinct to give love and cultivate beauty and grace is challenged by demands … Lees verder

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Classical Astrology: Mari Garcia workshop in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam School of Astrology is the only place in North Holland where you can be assured of regular, high quality astrology lectures. This autumn’s guest is the Australian classical astrologer Mari Garcia who will be tackling two of the most tricky houses of the birth chart: the second and the eighth. The following text is copied from the ASA website: “The terms ‘epicataphora’ and ‘anaphora’ are not familiar to the modern astrologer.  They are names given to the 2nd and 8th houses and refer to their role as portals of the underworld. House meanings were originally defined by the … Lees verder

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Frank Clifford: Astrologie, Beroep en de MC

Het is een veel gestelde vraag : Welk beroep past het best bij mij? Om deze vraag te beantwoorden, kijkt een astroloog als eerst naar de cusp van het tiende huis.  De cusp voor mensen die dat niet weten, is het begin van het huis. De cusp van het tiende huis wordt de MC genoemd. De MC is een afkorting van het latijns, medium coeli wat niets anders dan midhemel betekent. Het is de midhemel die astrologen gebruiken om informatie over het beroep te krijgen. De heerser van de midhemel, zijn plaatsing en eventuele planeten in het tiende huis … Lees verder

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Frank Clifford in Amsterdam?

Maybe the holidays are not yet over for everyone but September is fast approaching so time for a reminder:  Frank Clifford will be in Amsterdam to give a workshop on:   The Midheaven – Spotlight on Success.   Frank is a great speaker and has written many books.  He is a very popular in London where he runs the London School of Astrology.  If you are interested in doing more in the career area or just wanting more depth on this interesting point in the horoscope, don’t miss this day. Remember there is a discount … Lees verder

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