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The Horoscope of the News of the World: Let Uranus rock and shock you…

Today (July 10th 2011) the last issue of the largest selling English language paper in the world was published. I am talking of course about the Sunday tabloid newspaper, the News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s, News International. The first issue of the News of the World was published on October 1st 1843.  The horoscope of the News of the World: click to enlarge image In this horoscope, the moon’s nodes are in Gemini/Sagittarius – which is also where they currently reside. Gemini is news – Sagittarius is spreading it. Jupiter – ruler … Lees verder

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Aries Ingress, Sun conjunct Uranus: AT&T aquires T-Mobile USA

I think I spent Sunday recovering from Saturday’s Super Full Moon… This stellar hang-over is probably also why I missed the big news story on Monday – which is of course that AT&T looks set to aquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom. (News broke sometime on Sunday evening). Clearly with the Sun hovering around the Aries Point – and Uranus now enthroned upon it – some major technological news story was bound to grasp the headlines. Sun and Uranus conjunct – there’s some serious fusion going on here methinks! The aquistion of T-Mobile USA, will … Lees verder

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Jupiter conjunct Uranus…Aries Point

On June 8th, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct on the Aries Point. The Aries Point – which incidentally does not only include O degrees Aries but also O degrees of all the Cardinal signs (and the 8th harmonic aspects to it: i.e. 15 degrees of the fixed signs) is a hugely powerful degree area, that  the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus falls on this point – promises to bring some interesting developments within the collective. The English astrologer, Charles Harvey, called this particular axis – “The Axis of the World” – because it reflects where we come … Lees verder

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