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Astro-insight: Saturn square Venus, Mars conjunct Saturn & the taming of the old codger

Astro insight: Stations are brilliant. Stations give weight and focus to a particular area of the zodiac and offer an opportunity to see that particular archetypal energy in clear focus. Saturn stations direct this week and its current sign Sagittarius is really about self-belief and principles that shape us. Saturn retrograde issued a high level challenge to our beliefs and convictions. Are we who we think and say we are? Do we talk the talk – but fail to walk the walk? The need for honesty, integrity and authenticity has never been greater. If you … Lees verder

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Astro Insight: Gemini New Moon – Winners and Losers

Astrological Insight : There’s an awful lot to play for this week & the stakes are high. Two major astrological currents coincide: some people might feel forced take sides others might prefer to hedge their bets. But I think this week will bring some clear winners and losers. Astrological Insight : The first major current flows right into the heart of the astrological configuration that has dominated the collective since September 2015. I am talking of course of the mutable t-square – with Saturn in Sagittarius as focal planet. Mutable energy is diffuse, changeable, chameleon … Lees verder

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