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More news on the Super Full Moon

One of the best British Newspapers, the Independent actually has a full page article today on Saturday’s Super Full Moon. The article cites the American Astrologer, Richard Nolle – you might recall I placed a link to an article he wrote about the Super Moon phenomena in a post published a few days ago. A quote from the newspaper article: “Even before Japan’s devastating earthquake struck Honshu, certain sections of the global blogosphere were already warning in breathless tones about an upcoming Moon armageddon caused by the extra gravitational pull of the moon’s proximity. Richard … Lees verder

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Joran Confesses: Exploring Pluto themes

Joran van der Sloot confesses… Elizabeth Hathway, DFAstrolS, QHP At times like this I feel the mother in me and it is the mother/Pluto theme that I want to explore in this post. As a mother myself, I wonder how it must feel to know that your son has taken another’s life? Pluto rules death – taking a life is a Plutonian act. In 2008 Joran van der Sloot appeared on Dutch television with his parents. Mother – Anita van der Sloot was in complete denial. Her son was innocent.   I would like to share with you an intriguing … Lees verder

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The horoscope of Sarah Ferguson:

Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York, ex wife of Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, Andrew) has – over many years – provided the British tabloids with plenty of front page news. Fergie – it seems has a knack for putting her foot – and her mouth – in it. Compromising photo’s – she was once photographed topless with an admirer kissing her toes  – pale into insignificance in the light of her latest blunder. Sarah Ferguson was recently secretly filmed, by the News of the World newspaper, offering an undercover reporter disguised as a businessman, access to Prince Andrew for the princely sum of 500.000 pounds. Sarah … Lees verder

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