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Earthquake moved Japan: Uranus on the IC

(Article has been updated to include horoscope of Hiroshima- and extra text on Uranus) Japan is facing a crisis which her Prime Minister today compared to 1945 – where at 08.15 on a sunny morning, the world’s first nuclear bomb nicknamed ‘little boy‘ fell from the sky, effectively wiping Hiroshima off the face of the earth. The suddenness of that event is forever sealed in the minds of astrologers in the image of Uranus exactly conjunct the mid-heaven in the Hiroshima horoscope. Some years later – when Japan gained its sovereignty – the mundane horoscope … Lees verder

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Edward (Ted) Kennedy

Ted Kennedy’s appearance at the Democratic Conference last year was followed by a standing ovation. The news was already out that Ted Kennedy was suffering from terminal cancer and at the time he said that he hoped to live long enough to see Barak Obama elected. Ted Kennedy looked very vulnerable on that occasion and I wondered if he would make it. He did.  Ted Kennedy was the only male of the Kennedy family to die a natural death. He passed away yesterday. Kennedy seems to come from a family that is cursed.  I highly recommend this excellent … Lees verder

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