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Paris Jackson: The horoscope

Video Paris Jackson When Paris Jackson, called her father, “daddy” and declared her love for him during his funeral service on Tuesday, a veil was lifted, not only on her own identity, but also on the personal life of Michael Jackson.  Up until that point, the program reflected Jackson’s life as an entertainer, as a friend and brother, but then from nowhere, the event took a different turn. The millions of fans watching were suddenly made aware of the deep sadness that perhaps only the child can feel and express with such sincerity. I still get … Lees verder

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Astrologers Remember Michael Jackson

 This is a link to a site giving an overview of some of the best articles published by astrologers concerning the death of Michael Jackson. I haven’t had time to look at all of them, but the first by Nick Dagan is excellent. Nick looks at the role of Jackson’s natal Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and traces it through Jackson’s life. Great astrology.

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Astrology: Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras

  Well Roger Federer did it. After a nail biting Wimbledon men’s final yesterday, Roger Federer usurped Pete Sampras from his throne. Federer is now the tennis player with the greatest number of Grand Slam titels in tennis history. Before going any further thought, let’s give it up for the transits of Saturn. Saturn always gets such bad press. Great to see that Roger Federer (8 aug, 1981, 08.40 Basel, Switzerland-source Lois Rodden) had transit Saturn conjunct with his radix Venus in the first house, on

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Ingress Chart: Twitter On…

The horoscopes for the four cardinal ingresses have long been considered important in mundane affairs. The four cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, mark turning points in the annual journey of the earth around the Sun. At these points the earth is compelled to obey universal laws. If the earth refused to submit to the magnetic pull of the Sun, she would no longer be following her orbital path. So these are important markers. The word solstice actually means, Sun, still and this is what appears to happen on June/December 21st. Of course this is an apparent stop, … Lees verder

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Gordon Brown’s Fate & the Labour Party

Part I: When Tony Blair become Prime Minister in 1997, Jupiter was in Aquarius. This just happens to be the same sign as the Moon and Mars in the horoscope for the British Labour Party (27 February 1900, 12.00 London). Tony Blair’s message was distinctly Jupiterian. “Things are going to get better” he said. And the Party was eager and willing to believe him. Horoscope of the Labour Party. Once again Jupiter is in Aquarius but now cheery Blair has been replaced by dour faced Gordon Brown. It has to be said, Gordon Brown’s features lend themselves easier towards Shakespearean tragedy or farce than towards … Lees verder

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Scientology: Horoscope Ron Hubbard

  Hard times for Scientology in Europe? Certainly all eyes are on the French courts where a group of former members are trying to sue the movement and reclaim some of the thousands of euro’s they spent on books, course material, vitamine preparations, etc. etc. etc. But of course what the opponents of the movement in France are really looking for is a total ban on the “religion”. If they succeed, this would perhaps help Germany. It too would love to outlaw Scientology. Armed with such precedents other European countries might well follow suit. So, can the horoscope of Ron Hubbard – … Lees verder

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Het ongeloofelijke reis van de mens

[MOV=A href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmlZIR38x90″] Graag breng ik het volgende programma onder jullie aandacht: The Incredible Human Journey, BBC, zondag avond om 22.30. Vorige week kwam ik het programma toevallig tegen en kwam mijn stoel niet meer uit. “Hoe is het mogelijk dat iedereen die nu leeft van een kleine groep van ongeveer 300 mensen afstamt?” Met deze vraag eindigde aflevering een. De DNA laat namelijk zien dat we allemaal familie zijn van deze groep. 70.000 jaar geleden, werd de Sahara woestijn, even vruchtbaar. In die tijd is het plus/min 300 mensen gelukt de Rode Zee over te steken en we zijn allemaal familie van … Lees verder

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Astrology:British MP’s on Spending Spree

Events at Westminster have shock rocked the UK the last week. The problem? A wide range of dodgy expense claims. On the conveyer belt are: an 18.000 pounds mortgage interest payment,; dog food; the maintenance of an electric lawn mower; the cleaning out of a moat? Yes a moat. Some British MP’s live in castles. And the British National Party are pigging it. See their poster above. Ouch. But seriously, isn’t this just one more round of Three Cheers for Pluto in Capricorn ? Oh yes..How the mighty have fallen. But seriously dear readers, the horoscope for the UK really does say it all…. The UK, … Lees verder

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Saturn Turns up Trumps for Boy George

[MOV=A href=[A href=[A href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEWSAXdAdMs”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEWSAXdAdMs[/A]] On New Year’s Day 2009, Saturn – the bad boy of the Zodiac – turned his back on us.  Now for the first time this year, Saturn is grinding to a halt, poised ready to go direct this coming Friday. Someone set to profit from this turn about is Boy George. Boy George was imprisoned for fifteen months in – yes you guessed it January. Surprise surprise, Saturn rules his Capricorn midheaven, and on Monday, with Saturn moving into stationary direct mode, Boy George was released after doing just four months. Time to take a look perhaps at …. The … Lees verder

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Love Hurts, Sylvio Berlusconi

It’s been a stormy week on the ocean of love. Pretty much what you might expect from Venus in detriment in Aries, conjunct with Mars, and square Pluto right? Aries is an argumentative, me-first, brisque, aggressive sort of energy. Venus on the other hand is at her best in a more peaceful, benevolent environment. Think Taurus and Libra, this is where Venus feels at home. The week began with a shoot-out at a wedding in Bilge, Turkey.

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