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The Oprah Winfrey Show

This article was first published on astrologie.blogo.nl on November 22 2009. On November 20th, TV-Queen Oprah Winfrey announced that in September 2011 she will stop with “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.   By then the show will have run for 25 years (the first episode was broadcast on Sept. 8, 1986). With Saturn now in opposition with Uranus – it seems fitting that Oprah an Aquarian herself – should chose to honour Uranus – and do something different. 25 years at the same job sounds like a very Saturnian thing to be doing to me, especially as Oprah has the … Lees verder

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UK Astrological Association Blog: invites comments on the Royal Wedding

The Astrological Association of Great Britain has a web-blog which currently has an interesting feed going on the Royal Wedding. That’s William and Kate in case you don’t know. This blog has been around for a while but has been a bit slow to get off the ground – so it’s great to have an opportunity to give it a plug. The AA also has a great journal (which is also really accessible to new writers) – under the editorship of John Green. The AA web-blog – the Royal Wedding – let’s have your thoughts … Lees verder

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Venus and Pluto: the Rape of Persephone

When Pluto is in aspect with Venus, he slowly creeps up on her and pounces. Of all the planets – Pluto is the most secretive, his motives are never immediately apparent – and there is something in the essence of Venus which makes her almost always ripe for ambush. Think of the myth the Rape of Persephone. Legend has it that Persephone’s father Zeus – advised his brother Pluto to snatch Persephone – since her mother Demeter was unlikely to agree to a relationship. This kind of ‘behind the scene’ scheming gives us additional insight … Lees verder

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The Chernobyl Horoscope, harbinger of change

Days before the Chernobyl disaster I had a dream…I was at Three Cliffs Bay, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the South Wales coast,  when suddenly a great wind came up which was so ferocious it was impossible to stand. Everything – including me – was swept up. It was a lucid dream… from which I fought to escape but I could not open my eyes – they were weighted down. Eventually I awoke, afraid. The dream was clearly trying to alert me of some pending danger – but what? When it happened – … Lees verder

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Horoscope: Prince Charles, longest serving heir apparent in British history

Prince Charles has recently become the longest serving heir apparent in British history. This position was previously held by his great great grandfather King Edward VII – son of Queen Victoria – who had to wait 59 years, two months and 13 days before being crowned King. King Edward VII (who ruled for nine years) was born on 9 November 1841, in London, at 10.48 am. Prince Charles was born on November 14th 1948, in London om 9.14 pm. Both men share the same sun sign, Scorpio – but do the similarities between the horoscopes … Lees verder

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The Astrology of A Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton

Now we have a time for the start of the wedding ceremony 29th April 2011, at 11.oo – this might be a good moment to see what extra information the wedding horoscope of Prince William and Kate Middleton has to tell us about their relationship. The ascendant is in the royal sign Leo – and appropriately in the horoscope of a future King – Leo’s ruler the Sun is in the 10th house, the house of state occasions. The other royal planet  – Jupiter is conjunct Mars – and on the midheaven which Mars rules. Of the two planets Mars in its … Lees verder

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Astrology on the superhighway:Mercury, Mercury, with a smidgen of Jupiter

The sheer volume of astrology on the net sometimes threatens to overwhelm me. Why? If Uranus rules the information superhighway – and astrology – then it is obvious there should be a synergy between the two. Even if you are a more traditional soul – and choose Mercury as astrology’s ruling planet  – you shouldn’t be surprised that astrology has taken to the net like a fish to water – after all Mercury does have a weakness for trivia. But seriously, it is mind boggling. On one morning last week I got this list of … Lees verder

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Wikipedia bans astrology friendly editors…

Many astrologers – myself included – use Wikipedia when gathering information and assume that the information given is neutral. Today however, I found out that behind the seeming quiet of Wikipedia’s astrology page for over a month an editorial war has been raging. Robert Currey: ” This ultimate reference page describing astrology, has in the eyes of many who have studied astrology, been trashed by sceptical editors promoting their agenda for a number of years.  The result has been a very wordy and inaccurate description of astrology.” The situation reached a head on Tuesday when … Lees verder

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Aries Ingress, Sun conjunct Uranus: AT&T aquires T-Mobile USA

I think I spent Sunday recovering from Saturday’s Super Full Moon… This stellar hang-over is probably also why I missed the big news story on Monday – which is of course that AT&T looks set to aquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom. (News broke sometime on Sunday evening). Clearly with the Sun hovering around the Aries Point – and Uranus now enthroned upon it – some major technological news story was bound to grasp the headlines. Sun and Uranus conjunct – there’s some serious fusion going on here methinks! The aquistion of T-Mobile USA, will … Lees verder

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Nuclear Power: the Horoscope for Plutonium

With Japan’s nuclear crisis worsening and the threat of a serious nuclear fall-out growing, nations around the world are rethinking their nuclear energy programs. In Germany Angela Merkel has imposed a moratorium on nuclear energy, France looks set to hold a referendum on it and one demonstration against a proposed nuclear power plant in the Netherlands was held last weekend. Science is fallible – shit happens – and when it happens inside a nuclear reactor the consequences are so immense it is  hard for us to comprehend. The planet Pluto is linked to the splitting … Lees verder

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