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Chile Mine Accident: Saturn/Pluto

It is impossible to imagine what life must be like for the 33 miners trapped deep underground in Chile. The bowels of the earth, and the depths of the sea, are dark, unbidden places  that arouse something in us which is the antipathy of the comfortable life we know.  If you are claustrophobic maybe you ought to skip this video that was released on August 27th. The Chilean mine accident took place on August 5th 2010, 12.00 (time unknown) Copiapo. Mining is a Saturnian pursuit, fraught with danger and this chart bears all the hallmarks of it. Mars is about fight, flight and adrenaline and in … Lees verder

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The difficulty of mundane astrology..Bill Gates and Warren Buffet: the Giving Pledge

One of the things that makes life difficult for mundane astrologers is the period of gestation that often takes place between the conception and birth of a great idea. While some events happen in an immediate way, an election is held on a set date, a plane crashes, a war begins, etc. … but some happenings are less clear cut. For our knowledge of events  we largely depend on the media and internet. So we could ask: if a tree falls in a forest and no-one is there to hear it, does the tree fall? A mudane astrologer can write about things which will only … Lees verder

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Jupiter conjunct Uranus…Aries Point

On June 8th, Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct on the Aries Point. The Aries Point – which incidentally does not only include O degrees Aries but also O degrees of all the Cardinal signs (and the 8th harmonic aspects to it: i.e. 15 degrees of the fixed signs) is a hugely powerful degree area, that  the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus falls on this point – promises to bring some interesting developments within the collective. The English astrologer, Charles Harvey, called this particular axis – “The Axis of the World” – because it reflects where we come … Lees verder

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