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Bill Meridian.. On the Saros Cycle and Eclipse paths

To access the YouTube film, you will need to click on the article header. Clear explanation of the Saros Cycle and how eclipse paths work – from American astrologer Bill Meridian. If you would like more information  on eclipses, you can visit Bill’s website, and search under articles, eclipse news.

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A Spectacular Eclipse: but what does it mean?

 Tomorrow’s eclipse at 13.39 Capricorn – promises to be quite spectacular. According to one popular Dutch newspaper “Trouw” , the nights surrounding the eclipse will present us with a spectualar show of shooting stars. This heavenly display is due to the fact that the earth is currently passing through a cloud of dust – left-overs from a comet, whose particles actually appear to be fired from the constellation Bootes. Bootes – according to Bernadette Brady – ‘ is a member of constellations that begin at the Pole with the sacred stars Draco and Ursa Major … Lees verder

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Book Review: The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, by Bill Meridian

Let me begin by saying I am not an eclipse novice by any means.  Some years ago I did a study of the eclipse charts that fell during the French and Russian Revolutions, linking them to people and significant events. So I freely admit, I was more than a little sceptical. Question: What could this book add to the knowledge I already had access to?  Answer: stacks. There is an avalanche of material in this book, which has rejuvenated  my thinking where eclipses are concerned. As you would expect in a book covering eclipse paths, there are lots of great ACG charts, and these are totally … Lees verder

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