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Dane Rudhyar Archival Project

I honestly don’t know why I never came accross this before, but there is a huge source of Dane Rudhyar writings available at the Dane Rudhyar Archival Project, including this article on the horoscope of the USA, with contains a link to the original Sibly text and drawing of the chart. These look as though they were published in some kind of book or magazine. The site itself aims, I quote: ” The best and most important of Dane Rudhyar’s life long work, will be made freely available world-wide through the online Rudhyar Archival Project“.  … Lees verder

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The Significance of the Long Stay of Mars in Leo…

One of the more interesting articles in the Astrological Association’s book “An Astrological Anthology” must be Dane Rudhyar’s piece on the long stay of Mars in a particular sign. This recurring 79 year cycle is divided into two periods of 32 and 47 years, so at these intervals we are able to observe the influence of Mars in a particular sign over a longer time span. Mars’ last long time stay in Leo was from October 1962 – until June 1963, the one prior to that was from October 1930 til June 1931. The current long … Lees verder

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