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Astrology: David Cameron versus Alex Salmond: The Great Scottish Independence Game

Astrology: David Cameron has succeeded (again) in getting his name splashed over the front pages of every newspaper in the United Kingdom. If he isn’t kicking up a fuss in Europe where in December he vetoed a EU treaty to tackle the Euro crisis, he is picking a fight with the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party Alex Salmond. Maggie Thatcher would be proud. Clever boy David. Or is he? David Cameron versus Alex Salmond, round one….. Astrology: Which horoscopes? Let’s look at the horoscope for the union of Scotland with England. Though Charles Carter … Lees verder

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Pluto in the wings: My fears for “old blighty”

Can David Cameron’s idea of the “Big Society” which clearly has a Jupiterian ring to it work ? This is the question I asked myself this morning. From 2013 onwards Pluto will start to transit the Sun in the UK horoscope, which under the current political and social climate in the UK can only mean one thing: crisis, breakdown and social unrest.  By January 2013 which is when the transit  starts to kick in, the effects of the draconic spending cuts and its impact on UK social and community life will start to be felt. As a journalist in … Lees verder

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Horoscope: David Cameron, Nick Clegg, a cardinal coalition

Yesterday I listened with some sense of sadness and nostalgia as Gordon Brown announced his resignation (11 May, 2010, 19.20 BST). Almost a year ago I wrote about Gordon Brown:  “One now clearly feels the heavy hand of fate/ Saturn upon him. Having himself orchestrated Tony Blair’s fall, Gordon Brown finds himself waiting for his very own Brutus to politically finish him off.” His very own Brutus it seems came in the  form of Nick Clegg.  After five days of political shenanigans – the UK finally has a new Government – a Government which is … Lees verder

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The UK Election Horoscope Special…

This morning at 07.00 BST (British Summer Time) the poling booths opened in the UK and by tomorrow morning the British public should know what the new political landscape looks like. But will they?? The Labour Party has just completed a historic  three terms in office. However the elections held over the last 100 years show a clear pattern: after 3 terms in Government, the British public is ready to pass the gauntlet to the other side.  It is also clear that Gordon Brown is  not a gifted enough politician to reverse this collective trend. … Lees verder

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The Nick Clegg Phenomena…the horoscope of the UK

Exciting times in UK politics. Just as the Conservative leader, David Cameron, looked fit to snatch the Crown from Gordon Brown, a relative new-comer, Nick Clegg, seems to be turning Cameron’s dream into a nightmare. It’s no longer David Cameron who is  the undisputed champion of change, but the Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg.  It must be said however, that here on blogo we did have our reservations about David Cameron’s chances of winning the election, however, Nick Clegg is a phenomena that has set the UK electoral ball well and truly on the roll. The horoscope of Nick Clegg … Lees verder

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Gordon Brown/ David Cameron – the peculiar Saturn/Uranus election

Britain is gearing up for a General Election. Though a date has not been set – it has to take place before June 3. At the time of the election Saturn will be opposing Uranus (yet again) accross the mutable Virgo (Saturn) Pisces (Uranus) axis.. The candidates – predictably – reflect this oppositon, on the one side we have old stalwart Gordon Brown (59) on the other, the relative green shoot  David Cameron (44).  For those of you who know nothing at all about British politics, Cameron (Uranus?) is a conservative, Brown (Saturn?) labour. We can pick … Lees verder

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