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Astro-Insights: Over Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse and women with balls

Astro-Insights: Some thoughts on Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse Tuesday’s lunar eclipse takes the focus slightly away from the current surplus of mutable energy and moves us towards a concentrated dose of fixed Leo/Aquarius energy. A conversation with my son about the Olympics brought home the importance of those ‘who also ran’, the sports persons who will never step up to the medals rostrum and receive the honor of a medal (gold or otherwise). For there to be a top cat (Leo) there have to be many ‘also rans’. The idea of participation, of sharing a goal … Lees verder

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Blood Moon-Lunar Eclipse and the Pluto in Libra Generation

What I am missing in the articles I have read on tomorrow’s lunar eclipse/Blood Moon is the context of the big picture. As above as below – so what is the big picture and what might this eclipse be saying ? 1. Eclipses always fall around the current position of the transiting nodes of the Moon.** The lunar nodes are currently falling across the Libra/Aries axis. Most contemporary astrologers see a connection between the Moon’s nodes and past life experience. The position of the North Node of the Moon – indicates where growth and development … Lees verder

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How Mercury and Monday’s Gemini Eclipse is affecting Greece

How interesting it is, that the recent build up of tension in Europe concerning the stability of Greece and Spain, is taking place precisely during the build up to Monday’s solar eclipse in the first degree of Gemini. We have heard increasing speculation of Greece’s exit from the Euro, while just a few days ago in Spain people drew one billion euro’s worth of savings out of a recently nationalized bank, creating anxiety about a potential run on the banks there. These are difficult days indeed. One of the areas of life that Mercury, the ruler of … Lees verder

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Wednesday eclipse: The Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipse Cycle

Wednesday’s eclipse – is the first of the series that will fall over the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. The North Node moved into Sagittarius on Feb. 13th 2011, and is currently positioned at 24 degrees 15. Due to the distance from the Nodes, eclipse is in 11 degrees Gemini, Wednesday’s eclipse will be partial. Eclipses behave rather like black holes. They have the mysterious ability to draw events towards them. For example, it seems fairly obvious to me that Oprah Winfrey’s last show on May 25th – is linked to this eclipse. Gemini typifies the talk show, … Lees verder

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Horoscoop: De Dalai Lama stopt als politieke leider van Tibet

De Dalai Lama heeft gekozen om op 10 maart zijn rol als politieke leider van de Tibetaanse bevolking in ballingschap neer te leggen. Het feit dat de Dalai Lama’s besluit zo weinig aandacht heeft getrokken – heeft denk ik te maken met de allesoverheersende honger naar het nieuws uit Japan. Echter, het is een belangrijke beslissing en laat zien dat de Dalai Lama a) weet dat zijn volk zich NU moet organiseren terwijl hij nog leeft en het proces kan overzien; b) dat de situatie m.b.t. China niet in zijn leven opgelost gaat worden; en … Lees verder

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Uranus in Aries: The horoscope of Japan and the January 4th solar eclipse

What is striking in the horoscope of Japan – is that Japan – just like  Egypt and Libya – is experiencing its Saturn return. BUT make no mistake – this is not just any old Saturn return. The January 4th 2011 eclipse – had the North Node in zero degrees Capricorn – it was therefore triggering the world axis* (i.e. zero degrees of all the cardinal signs) which was already fully activated last year by Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. This was also the very last eclipse in the Capricorn series – as the Node … Lees verder

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Libya, Gaddafi, and the January 4th eclipse

image Wiki-Commons: Jesse B. Awalt From 642 until the 16th century, Libya was part of the great Muslim Empire – and was often linked to Egypt or Tunisia.* Interesting then indeed that events in Tunisia and Egypt are now having such a huge impact on Libya. In his Book of World Horoscopes, Nick Campion gives two possible horoscopes for Libya – the first horoscope is for the country’s independence from Britain – the second is for the military coup (Sept. 3 1969, 05.00, Tripoli). The horoscope shown here is for Libyan independence, Dec. 24th 1951, … Lees verder

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