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Astro-insights: Mercury in Gemini – a period of turmoil comes to an end

Astrological Insight : Today sees the second full-moon in Sagittarius during this Sun in Gemini period. As if we haven’t had enough mutable energy,  the cosmos throws us two full moons in Sag – and this one conjunct the galactic center ! The galactic center is the rotational point of the milky-way and astronomers believe there is a super black hole at the center of it.  Pluto’s transit in this area saw among other things the fall of Lehmann Brothers bank, Meltdown Monday, and the start of the current financial crisis. Even though the Moon … Lees verder

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Blood Moon-Lunar Eclipse and the Pluto in Libra Generation

What I am missing in the articles I have read on tomorrow’s lunar eclipse/Blood Moon is the context of the big picture. As above as below – so what is the big picture and what might this eclipse be saying ? 1. Eclipses always fall around the current position of the transiting nodes of the Moon.** The lunar nodes are currently falling across the Libra/Aries axis. Most contemporary astrologers see a connection between the Moon’s nodes and past life experience. The position of the North Node of the Moon – indicates where growth and development … Lees verder

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Astrology: David Cameron versus Alex Salmond: The Great Scottish Independence Game

Astrology: David Cameron has succeeded (again) in getting his name splashed over the front pages of every newspaper in the United Kingdom. If he isn’t kicking up a fuss in Europe where in December he vetoed a EU treaty to tackle the Euro crisis, he is picking a fight with the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party Alex Salmond. Maggie Thatcher would be proud. Clever boy David. Or is he? David Cameron versus Alex Salmond, round one….. Astrology: Which horoscopes? Let’s look at the horoscope for the union of Scotland with England. Though Charles Carter … Lees verder

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