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Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention

Horoscope Julian Assange: Secondary Progressed Mars & the Soul’s Intention Astrologically, I have been following Julian Assange for quite some years. These are links to previous posts I have written about his plight:  Julian Assange: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness; & Julian Assange Arrested. In both these posts I was taking 12.00 pm as the birth time – as there was doubt about the actual time of birth. Since then two times have surfaced for Julian Assange. There is the 15.00 source, Sy Scholfield,  “The Unauthorised Biography (Melbourne: Text, 2011), p. 32: “Back in … Lees verder

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Julian Assange Arrested

The big story on the BBC website today, is that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested. Though he is yet to be officially charged with anything, the British justice system refused him bail, since there was concern that Julian Assange might quite simply disappear. The charges against Julian Assange include having unprotected sex, and molestation, which sounds slightly less incriminating than rape. Anyway, what does Julian Assange’s horoscope have to say about his relationships with women?  Julian Assange, July 3 1971, 12.00, Townsville, Australia. Venus is in Gemini, which suggests an attraction to sophisticated  and probably educated, … Lees verder

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Horoscope Julian Paul Assange, a voice crying in the wilderness?

 Julian Paul Assange has become a household name. Assange is the founder of Wiki-leaks, a site where leaked official documents are published. Though we do not have an exact date for the launch of Wikileaks, we do know it was launched sometime in December 2006, when Pluto was at the end of truth loving Sagittarius and conjunct the galactic centre. Perhaps its not such a shock that the site has created such waves. Julian Assange’s birth time is not known, however we do have a birthdate, July 3 1971, Townsville, Australia. The horoscope is set for 12.00, so we … Lees verder

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