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The horoscope of Greece: Search for Soul (Part II)

The Greek Soul (part II) door Myrthe Sardjoe: The 24th of July 1974: the 2nd Greek Horoscope Till 1946 the map of Greece kept changing shape. After World War II, a civil war followed. Then some years of democracy which ended abruptly in 1967 with a military coup and the colonels-regime. In November 1973 there was a big student revolt. Students occupied the Polytechnion of Athens. The riots last year took place in the same area in Athens as in 1973. The 24th of July 1974 the dictatorship had fallen. From Paris, where he had … Lees verder

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The Horoscope of Greece: How Uranus transitting the MC helped bring Greece to its knees

  The Horoscope of Greece, by Myrthe Sardjoe: It’s noisy in Greece. And it has been for some years. First the Greek youth acted as if they had to re-live the revolt against the dictatorship of ’73-74 all over again. Only this time they aimed their rage at the right wing government, led by the Nea Dimokratia party. Protests in the streets of Athens got out of hand. On the 6th of December 2008 the police shot a fifteen year old boy in Athens. This event was followed by nights of street fights between Greek … Lees verder

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