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Mid-Term elections: Reflections on the US Horoscope

  To place the US mid-term elections in context, we need to take a close look at the horoscope of the country. What are the main transits and more importantly perhaps, what story are the secondary progressions telling? However, predicting the outcome of the mid-term elections wasn’t difficult. Newsweek was predicting, way back in March, that Obama and the Democrats would face a pasting. The article I am referring to was called: It’s the economy stupid. Which of course it is. People it seems are happiest when money is flowing – but since Pluto entered Capricorn – … Lees verder

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Horoscope Tony Hayward, Chief Executive BP: The US and a Neptunian spill

  Tony Hayward the chief executive of BP finds himself in an unenviable position. Tony Hayward personifies BP – and his beleaguered face – is one that many Americans love to hate and who can blame them? An executive who is insensitive enough to say “I want my life back” – while ordinary Americans are living with the consequences of the worst environmental disaster in US history, is surely asking for problems. Though no exact birth time is available for Tony Hayward, we do have a date:  May 21 1957, Eton, UK.  I have chosen a Sun rising chart. The … Lees verder

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