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Horoscope: David Cameron, his own worse enemy?

Elizabeth Hathway, DFAstrolS, QHP writes: Well the bookies got it wrong. It’s Friday July 22nd- and David Cameron is still Prime Minister and with UK Parliament in summer recess – the heat is off – for now. BUT – don’t imagine that the phone hacking scandal will fade away into another tequila sunrise. This article looks at the distinct possibility of David Cameron still being knocked off his perch. The horoscope of David Cameron is on the inner wheel – the outer wheel is the secondary progressed chart for July 4th 2011 (date that the … Lees verder

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Euro Crisis: Will the euro survive? Nostradamus, Pluto and the search for the hidden euro’s

The Euro was introduced to world markets as an accounting currency on January 1st 1999.  This is a significant year, because in August 1999, Europe was the stage for the Grand Cross Eclipse which Nostradamus had written about in the 16th Century. This powerful eclipse (Saturn in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio, Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius) was the first to be visible across Europe since the 1920’s. In an article I wrote at the time, published in the journal of the Astrological Association (under published articles), I noted the significance of the introduction of the Euro – though … Lees verder

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