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The UK General Election – the results are in: Venus OOB Rules it, or does she?

On December 12th the UK will go to the ballot box for the third time in five years. This UK general election takes place as Saturn & Pluto edge their way towards conjunction exact on January 12th. Experience shows that Saturn/Pluto conjunctions are powerful moments that signal the beginning of a new karmic cycle and events happening now, the choices made, will reverberate through history for a very, very, very long time. Little wonder that many commentators refer to this election as the most important in a generation. The Venus Situation When I was commenting … Lees verder

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Why Corbijn is Right

Why Corbijn is Right: Times have been hard in Old Blighty of late. The transit of Pluto across the radix Sun in the UK horoscope was never going to be easy, but austerity, and the ideology of the Big Society, never convinced me there would ever be a fair deal for those at the bottom of the pile. Britain doesn’t work that way… Capricorn Sun is attached to hiearchies… The great French mundane astrologer, Andre Barbault, argued that it was the cyle of Saturn/Neptune that particularly related to the advancement of Marxist and socialist ideals … Lees verder

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