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Liz Hathway: 2017 is a pit stop, a year of transition

2016 was the year when confusion reigned supreme ! Saturn’s squares to  Neptune formed the portal to a new era of post-truth and objective facts faded into insignificance in the light of appeals to emotion and personal belief.  Stars, not those that glitter and twinkle in the firmament of heaven, dropped like flies. Beginning with Bowie and ending with George Michael these deaths served to remind us that the world really is a stage and we all have our entrance and our exit. Now here we stand on a precipice, or so it seems: welcome … Lees verder

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Astro-insight: Mars, Chiron, Uranus – have courage and take risks

Astro-insight: Today, Monday 24 October, as Mercury planet of short journeys changes sign, the break up of the migrant camp in Calais – better known as ’the Jungle’ begins. The first buses have recently left for Burgundy and the process of registering the poor souls who live here continues. The ‘Jungle’ has been a painful issue for Britain and France for a number of years, often dominating the headlines with stories of sexual exploitation, people trafficking and general concern (finally translated in action) for the unaccompanied children living there. The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio … Lees verder

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Astrological Insight: Saturn offers Venus mature advice- but will she take it?

Astrological Insight : The week begins with the Sun in the final degree of Aries. Because the natural force of Aries is all but spent, this is a critical point and the energy is tipped in the balance. In some ways it feels fitting that Mars, the ruler of Aries,  turned retrograde yesterday. It seems that pushing further forward now will not bring the desired results quickly. Late afternoon, Venus currently in passionate Aries makes a harmonious trine to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. One of the themes centers on the need to take responsibility for … Lees verder

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