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Astro-insights: Mercury in Gemini – a period of turmoil comes to an end

Astrological Insight : Today sees the second full-moon in Sagittarius during this Sun in Gemini period. As if we haven’t had enough mutable energy,  the cosmos throws us two full moons in Sag – and this one conjunct the galactic center ! The galactic center is the rotational point of the milky-way and astronomers believe there is a super black hole at the center of it.  Pluto’s transit in this area saw among other things the fall of Lehmann Brothers bank, Meltdown Monday, and the start of the current financial crisis. Even though the Moon … Lees verder

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Horoscope Rebekah Brooks: Today’s Full Moon prompts resignation

Today’s Full-Moon – signifies a crisis and a turning point in the fascinating story of Rupert Murdoch’s News International. It is a tale the News of the World (click here for NotW horoscope) itself would have been delighted to print on its front page. Having clung to Rebekah Brooks like a limpet – New’s International has finally agreed to let ex News of the World editor, and News International chief, Rebekah Brook’s go. Her resignation is long over due – and it is possible that if Rupert Murdoch had agreed to accept her resignation just … Lees verder

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