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Astro-insight: Mercury trine Pluto – the power of words and symbols

With five planets (Sun, Venus, Mars, Chiron, Uranus) in the last decan of their sign – it is hard to escape the idea of incentive to move. It’s like when you start to get fed up – and your eye starts to wander and take in other things. Movement hangs in the air this week – not quick and sudden – but controlled.  As the week begins Mercury slows down and stations. Mercury trines Pluto on Wednesday, goes direct on Thursday, before trining Pluto again on Friday. The first Mercury/Pluto trine was on August 11th … Lees verder

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Astrological Insight: Mercury in Taurus, fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Astrological Insight :On Friday the Sun moves into Gemini and this week things slowly start to gather momentum. Gemini is a quick witted, wily, intelligent sign – and its ruler Mercury will turn direct on Sunday. Jupiter currently transiting the other Mercury ruled sign Virgo – is also moving in the right direction. So what has the power to move us now ? Grand ideas, big plans (Jupiter) that require some patience and persistence to get off the ground (Mercury in Taurus). What we are looking for collectively and individually are means that enable us … Lees verder

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