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Astro-Insight: The Moon’s Nodes, Mercury, Jupiter – time to make a mission statement

Astro-Insight: Anyone who follows my ‘Liz Hathway Astrologer’ page on Facebook, will know I have been pondering the meaning of today’s Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Mercury is currently in its own sign Virgo and it rules the Moon’s North Node, representing future challenges, hope, growth, expansion. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces the current South Node ruler, and it is in Virgo. The South Node indicates lessons that need to be learned (or consciously assimilated) , obstacles to surmount, the journey that has been and skills we picked up on the way. Taking a long term … Lees verder

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Weekhoroscoop: Mercurius, Chiron, Pluto, de YOD, impuslen en zelfacceptatie

Weekhoroscoop: Mijn keek op de week is door omstandigheden een dagje later dan normaal, mijn excuses hiervoor. Maar nu.. maak je borsten nat. Mercurius en Pluto zijn allebei sterk in beeld want deze week spelen beide planeten een rol in twee YOD‘s. Onderaan deze rubriek leg ik uit wat een YOD is, maar eerst over de betekenis van deze Yods. Weekhoroscoop: Pluto sextiel Chiron, inconjunct Mercurius (Yod 1) heeft m.i. te maken het overwinnen of onderzoeken van bepaalde gedachtenpatronen, die meestal diep verankerd zitten, en die als vanzelfsprekend beschouwd worden. Alleen door positief gebruik te … Lees verder

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How Mercury and Monday’s Gemini Eclipse is affecting Greece

How interesting it is, that the recent build up of tension in Europe concerning the stability of Greece and Spain, is taking place precisely during the build up to Monday’s solar eclipse in the first degree of Gemini. We have heard increasing speculation of Greece’s exit from the Euro, while just a few days ago in Spain people drew one billion euro’s worth of savings out of a recently nationalized bank, creating anxiety about a potential run on the banks there. These are difficult days indeed. One of the areas of life that Mercury, the ruler of … Lees verder

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Horoscope Titanic: Over Mercury retrograde, and a solar hybrid eclipse

100 years ago the Titanic sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean – claiming more than 1500 lives. If ever proof was needed of the fallibility of human ambition, the Titanic surely provides it. Her makers claim that the ship was ‘unsinkable’ mere hubris. The Titanic was much more than the largest and most luxurious ship of her age, a hundred years later it remains the most famous disaster in maritime history. She carried not only over 30 millionairs, but also a polyglot mixture of the many peoples of Europe heading for a new life in America. Be this … Lees verder

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Horoscope Rebekah Brooks: Today’s Full Moon prompts resignation

Today’s Full-Moon – signifies a crisis and a turning point in the fascinating story of Rupert Murdoch’s News International. It is a tale the News of the World (click here for NotW horoscope) itself would have been delighted to print on its front page. Having clung to Rebekah Brooks like a limpet – New’s International has finally agreed to let ex News of the World editor, and News International chief, Rebekah Brook’s go. Her resignation is long over due – and it is possible that if Rupert Murdoch had agreed to accept her resignation just … Lees verder

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Astrology on the superhighway:Mercury, Mercury, with a smidgen of Jupiter

The sheer volume of astrology on the net sometimes threatens to overwhelm me. Why? If Uranus rules the information superhighway – and astrology – then it is obvious there should be a synergy between the two. Even if you are a more traditional soul – and choose Mercury as astrology’s ruling planet  – you shouldn’t be surprised that astrology has taken to the net like a fish to water – after all Mercury does have a weakness for trivia. But seriously, it is mind boggling. On one morning last week I got this list of … Lees verder

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The Pope’s visit to Britain: Is time running out for the Holy Father?

On Thursday September 16th 2010, Pope Benedict XVI starts his official four day visit to the Britain. The Pope will land in Edinburgh, Scotland, at 10.30 LT, on St. Ninian’s Day. Ninian was the first Scottisch saint – and renowned for his good works. However, Catholicism is currently more associatied with sex-abuse of children than with the salvation of the soul. The visit is already overshadowed by further revelations about sex abuse in Belgium. Details have just emerged concerning 300 cases  – which led to the suicide of 13 young people . Last night a BBC program tried to answer the question: What … Lees verder

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The Astrology of Spying…

The recent exchange of  spies between the USA and Russia at Vienna airport left me contemplating the astrology of spying. What makes a good spy and what astrological signature would we be looking for ? The first planet that came to my mind was Mercury. Mercury has a double nature, is androgynous, and has everything to do with information. Mercury is the right hand of the Sun, always staying pretty close to the seat of power. Mercury was the ruler of thieves and tradesmen, and that is what spying is all about: buying and selling of information. … Lees verder

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Astrology: The UK and the Big Freeze/ Gordon Brown in from the cold…

Speaking as a Brit – or should I say – as an ex-pat, I am astounded by the way that snow-fever thas descended on the mother country. The BBC news these days, is all about that good old fashioned British obsession – the weather. In Amsterdam – we just keep on cycling – business as usual. In the UK, everyone’s gone mad! All other news coverage has drifted quietly into the background. It’s all about snow, snow, snow. That is, until the Big Freeze hit Parliament.  There was a failed coup yesterday to unseat the PM, Gordon Brown. It was a botched … Lees verder

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Collaboration Microsoft/Yahoo – A Jupiter/Mercury deal?

It’s good to keep a keen eye on the sky when important business deals take place.  Take for example the recently announced collaboration between Microsoft and Yahoo. The two have got together to a) grab a larger share of web generated marketing monies, and b) to thwart Google’s attempt to chip away at Microsoft’s core business of providing software for cheap computers.  So, does the horoscope show a good deal of succes? The chart is set for the time the information was posted on the Yahoo website – July 29th, 17.50 ET. Since one of the reporters was in Washington…I … Lees verder

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