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Parliament’s vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal: Flogging a dead horse?

Parliament’s Vote on Theresa May’s Brexit Deal: Flogging a Dead Horse? On January 15th 2019, the UK Parliament finally gets its chance to have a say on Theresa May’s Brexit plan. The vote will most likely take place at 7 pm in the evening (at least that is what I heard on Radio 4), but for safety’s sake, the horoscope used is for 12.00. So what is likely to happen? At the moment, Theresa May seems to be ingratiating herself with just about anyone who is anyone, in order to whip up support for her … Lees verder

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The horoscope of Israel, reveals strained relationships

Israel’s relationship with both the US and Great Britain has been very strained of late. Israel’s plans to build homes in East Jerusalem were approved during Joe Biden’s recent visit to the country.Washington took this as a direct insult. It was against this backdrop, that Benjamin Netanyahu’s visited Washington this week. The US dispensed with the customary welcome afforded to such important visitors, there was no press conference, no lavish welcome and no picture of the meeting. For Israel – Jerusalem is its ancient capital – the US on the other hand, rightly recognise that the building of homes for new settlers on Palestinian territory will … Lees verder

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The Horoscope of Greece: How Uranus transitting the MC helped bring Greece to its knees

  The Horoscope of Greece, by Myrthe Sardjoe: It’s noisy in Greece. And it has been for some years. First the Greek youth acted as if they had to re-live the revolt against the dictatorship of ’73-74 all over again. Only this time they aimed their rage at the right wing government, led by the Nea Dimokratia party. Protests in the streets of Athens got out of hand. On the 6th of December 2008 the police shot a fifteen year old boy in Athens. This event was followed by nights of street fights between Greek … Lees verder

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Edward (Ted) Kennedy

Ted Kennedy’s appearance at the Democratic Conference last year was followed by a standing ovation. The news was already out that Ted Kennedy was suffering from terminal cancer and at the time he said that he hoped to live long enough to see Barak Obama elected. Ted Kennedy looked very vulnerable on that occasion and I wondered if he would make it. He did.  Ted Kennedy was the only male of the Kennedy family to die a natural death. He passed away yesterday. Kennedy seems to come from a family that is cursed.  I highly recommend this excellent … Lees verder

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Denmark, Jupiter and the fight in the Church

Wednesday evening in Copenhagen, Danish police forcibly evicted a group of Iraqi asylum seekers from a Church.   In the words of Per Ramsdal, dominee of the Brorson-Church where the “invasion” took place, “This act breached the unwritten rule that a Church is a sacred space.” (Trouw, 14/8).  Then yesterday evening,  Danish riot police clobbered peaceful demonstrators, for doing what actually? Protesting? I must admit, I’m a more than a little shocked!! Can the astrology make any sense of this? Clearly Jupiter has a role to play here. Firstly a Church is a Jupiterian space and foreigners also fall under the same planet.  … Lees verder

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Eclipse Season in Full Swing…

The eclipse this coming week Thursday is an interesting one, because after an 18 month stint in Aquarius/Leo, the Moon’s Nodes now make the move to Capricorn/Cancer. While both Capricorn and Aquarius are Saturn ruled, there is a difference in the energy. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, linked to new directions and impulses from within, while Aquarius is a fixed sign, which has the ability to develop and build on existing circumstances whatever they may be. So while the ruler of the solar eclipses will remain Saturn– the energy is different.  Furthermore the planet Saturn itself … Lees verder

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