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Astrology insight: Clinton vs Trump and Beyond

Astrology insight: Clinton vs Trump and Beyond It is sound mundane astrological advice to place the horoscope of a nation a notch higher than the horoscopes of individuals who only grace the world stage for a short while.  The general vibe in the collective is expressed by the mundane transits – and the horoscope of the country indicates how the horoscope is responding to these trends. Meanwhile the secondary progressed horoscope of the country indicates the country’s evolution and its developing needs. If we take the Obama campaign in 2008 as an example. On election … Lees verder

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Mars in Libra: Pythagoras and The Power of Four

Mars in Libra: Pythagoras and The Power of Four I recently wrote here about the long stay of Mars in Libra and in this current piece I want to expand on its role in the dynamic energy field created by Jupiter opposite Pluto – both square to Uranus in Aries. This pattern of three planets, known by astrologers as a t-square, is particularly active this year, reaching a climax in April. However, Jupiter first moved into orb of exactitude  in August 2013 whereby making Uranus the highly potent focal planet in a fast moving circuit. … Lees verder

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Mercurius en Pluto: Bilderbergconferentie, PRISM en oude heren

Mercurius in oppositie met Pluto laat zich duidelijk voelen. Watford, UK: Deze week komt de uiterst geheimzinnig Bilderberg groep bij elkaar. Deze groep bestaat uit de meest invloedrijke mensen in de wereld, maar wordt echt bekend wegens het gesloten karakter van de bijeenkomsten. De deelnemers arriveren in auto’s met zwart getinte ramen, een duidelijk verwijzing naar Mercurius (vervoer) / Pluto (onzichtbaarheid)- en het gebied wordt door de politie hermetisch afgesloten, (Saturnus). De naam verwijst naar de plaats Bilderberg in Nederland, waar de eerste bijeenkomst op 29 mei 1954 werd gehouden. De Bilderberg horoscoop is voor … Lees verder

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Uranus square Pluto: The Lone Wolf

Uranus square Pluto: The Lone Wolf Many astrologers have awaited this third of the seven clashes between Uranus and Pluto with baited breath. Well, we have certainly not been disappointed. We can see the Uranus/Pluto effect in the tornado that swept across Oklahoma on Tuesday, killing 24 people. In an area often affected by tornado’s, what made this one stand out, was its ferocity. A different expression of the Uranus/Pluto vibe, might be found in another extreme climate, namely that around Mount Everest. It is almost sixty years since Hillary and Tenzing reached the top, … Lees verder

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Pluto in Capricorn: Business success stories

Pluto in Capricorn: A recent blog post of mine,  “Why it is so wonderful to be Capricorn right now”, got me thinking about Pluto success stories in the field of business. In a time when many established high-street chain stores are collapsing, others must surely be feeling only the benefits of Pluto’s transit through this earthy sign. So… what businesses will be doing particularly well under Pluto’s transit through Capricorn? With people strapped for cash, any type of repair business from mobile phones, washing machines to televisions, will be doing really well. Budget stores, pound … Lees verder

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Why it is so wonderful to be a Capricorn right now.

The new year has started. And with a bang, or should I say, with a bust! The news from the UK High Street these last two weeks has been pretty depressing to say the least. Two or is it three big retail chains collapsed? I have lost count. The weather is a ‘disaster darling’, and all this talk of the economic down turn, the dreaded double dip, and the CRISIS, is enough to make even an optimist (which I am not) weep! Oh.. and just in case you think the Netherlands is nirvana.. it’s not. … Lees verder

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Astrology: Wimbledon, Isner vs Mahut, longest set in the history of Wimbledon

 On Wednesday, June 23 2010, shortly after 2pm British Summer Time, the longest set in tennis history got underway on Wimbledon’s Court 18.  When Isner won the match yesterday afternoon, the whole court exploded. The final set was won  after an astonishing 13 hour battle fought out over three days. The score in the final set: 70 games (John Isner) to 68 (Nicolas Mahut). The horoscope for the longest set in Wimbledon (tennis) history: That  this year’s Wimbledon, like the World Cup, would be full of surprises is self evident. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Aries, the … Lees verder

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Dalai Lama: Geen Melige Monk? Of wel?

  Pluto in Steenbok zet de machtigen der aarde in de vuurlinie. Gordon Brown valt in de soep, de Paus is niets meer dan een herrie schopper, en als we de Trouw mogen geloven, zit er ook barsten in de voetstuk waar de Dalai Lama op zit. Dit begint nu echt interessant te worden. Maar serieus..hier volgt Deel II van de horoscoop van de Dalai Lama.   Enige dubbelzinnigheid is te verwachten als iemand Mercurius in Tweeling in de horoscooop heeft. De Dalai Lama beheerst de techniek van twee schijnbare onverenigbare meningen bij elkaar te brengen. Juist hier wordt nu kritiek … Lees verder

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Astrology:British MP’s on Spending Spree

Events at Westminster have shock rocked the UK the last week. The problem? A wide range of dodgy expense claims. On the conveyer belt are: an 18.000 pounds mortgage interest payment,; dog food; the maintenance of an electric lawn mower; the cleaning out of a moat? Yes a moat. Some British MP’s live in castles. And the British National Party are pigging it. See their poster above. Ouch. But seriously, isn’t this just one more round of Three Cheers for Pluto in Capricorn ? Oh yes..How the mighty have fallen. But seriously dear readers, the horoscope for the UK really does say it all…. The UK, … Lees verder

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Pluto and the Mexico swine flu pandemic

The recent outbreak of swine-flu in Mexico has more than a passing interest for me. Last Saturday two of my oldest friends left for a three week holiday there. I cannot imagine how it must be for them. Holiday ruined? I often hear it said that viruses and pandemics fall under the rulership of Neptune. However, history shows that the ability of a diseases to transcend borders,

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